City of Kigali Launches USD 57 million Project for Feeder Roads

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Road down Kigali, Rwanda

Road down Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

The City of Kigali recently launched a USD 57.2 million feeder road construction project that will transform more city suburban roads into cobblestone roads.Three districts in the city, Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge, will benefit from the 105 kilometres of new cobblestone road from the four-year project.

The city officials stated that the project will be executed in two phases, in which the first phase has began on 2nd March. It costs around USD 38.1 million and is expected to cover around 70 kilometres of road.

Phase two will cover the construction of 35 kilometres of road and will begin after completion of the current tendering process, stated Bruno Rangira, the director of communication and media at City of Kigali.

Factors considered in the implementation of the revamp are areas that have higher traffic congestion as well as roads serving new suburbs.

The construction work has began in Kisementi, with other parts of the city following suit.

Upon commissioning the project, James Musoni, Minister for the local government, stated that it was in the governments prerogatives to ensure that the development of the city infrastructure as it is one of the incentives to attract more investments.

The minister highlighted to NPD-NPD-Contraco, the firm contracted for the project project, to focus on efficiency and quality so as to serve the city residents better.

The other roads that was included in the plan are Kibagabaga, Kimironko, Kimihurura and Gisozi, while in Kicukiro District – Kimisange, Kagarama, Niboye.

Jean Claude Ndagijimana, a motorist, mentioned, “When it rains, some of the roads become impassable and you end up using the main road with heavy traffic. I hope now it will save time and fuel that we normally waste in traffic jams on main roads when there are feeder roads connecting neighbourhoods.”

At Kisementi, nearly 4 kilometers of road will be constructed, where work will start from the road opposite Land Star Hotel.

An excited vendor in the area was glad to hear about the project as the dust from the road had made her products dirty causing her losses.

Last year, the government of Rwanda and the European Union signed a financing agreement worth USD 52.3 million for the installation of 700 kilometres of feeder roads in the rural areas of Rwanda.

The project aims to strengthen the rural feeder roads network so as to improve the food producers reach to their markets.


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