Playing Dress Up to being a Makeup Artist – Anita Wangari

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all

Today’s article will be talking about beauty and makeup.

Hai Afrika interviews one young Kenyan beautiful lady. Her name is Anita Wangari and she is turning 24 this coming July. She comes from a family of five that includes her mother, elder sister, younger brother and her son who is seven this year. They currently live in Ongata Rongai, a densely populated town in Kajiado North County, Kenya that is growing fast economically.

Anita just completed her Beauty Specialist Diploma course at Alison Caroline Institute, Muthaiga where she had been trained in skin care, manicure, pedicure, waxing, holistic massage and her favourite, makeup.

Since her earlier days, Anita had been passionate about makeup, modelling and fashion and she would often be mesmerised by the beautiful pictures around her.

‘Growing up, my mother used to wear makeup all the time.’

Anita and her sister would often sneak into their mother’s bedroom to play dress up with her makeup and shoes. Those were happy childhood memories.

Anita’s hobbies include providing makeovers, making the ladies beautiful and also, learning to appreciate themselves.

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Skin care trend in Kenya

More and more women in Nairobi, Kenya are paying attention to their appearance. Anita has witnessed this first hand from her close friends, classmates and relatives, people who used to not be bothered by the need of wanting facials or let alone makeup.

Recently, they have been asking for skin care advices and makeup tips and that made Anita happy because she saw the change in trend and that people were aware and more self-conscious of their appearance. With questions flying in, it encourages Anita to be on her toes, researching in the latest and safest products for the different skin types.

‘Beauty is constantly evolving and we just have to keep up with it.’

Anita’s style
During the day, Anita prefers to wear mild colours, mostly shades of browns with a bit of black at the corners of her eyes and finish her  day look with thin eyeliner. Whenever she steps out in the evening, she would go for more colours and shimmer on her eyes, thick eyeliner and sometimes false lashes for that dramatic evening makeup.

As for clients with a darker skin tone than hers, she will let them pick the colours they would like. She would then blend the 2-3 colours depending on clients’ choice to get their most flattering look.PhotoGrid_1400529868345On Skin Care

Anita personally likes the Clear essence range of products, formulated for women of colour. It is affordable, and available in all leading beauty shops such as Super cosmetics and Beauty Options in Kenya.

She had bad blemishes until her mother introduced her to clear essence and therefore she recommends it to all women of colour having trouble with their skin. But of course, there are many other good brands out there but just make sure that they are all dermatologically tested to prevent any side effects. Always try out a new product on a small patch of skin to make sure that there is no allergic reaction.

A daily routine of washing the face twice, in the morning and evening using the preferred soap, then use the toner and fade cream is so effective that in 2-3 weeks, people will be noticing the difference on the face positively.

Anita emphasized that one should not use bleach as part of their skin care routine due to the harmful side effects.


Home skin care tips
Anita would love to share something I recently discovered a few months back.

1) Freshly extracted carrot juice at least a glass every two (2) days.

2) Freshly extracted spinach juice. It is a little disgusting so to get the benefits of the juice in your system while enjoying the drink, blend bananas with  milk then mix the banana shake and the spinach juice.

‘Trust me these two drinks literally make your skin glow’

These juices have also been proven to fight various diseases such as kidney and heart conditions and help the digestive system.


More beautiful pictures of Anita can be found via her instagram account at @kareymakeup