Taste of Africa in London

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Poverty . flies . water shortage . cracked soils Vs Suits . food . music and dance . fashion

As contradicting as the first few words depicting Africa and the very contrary to that dull and drab picture is the next series of words… Now it is up to you to decide which category the supposed “last“ continent falls under. The use of the word “last” could be taken positively in the light of the depth and enormity of this continent both in the territorial as well as the demographic senses.

Most of you might have already known that we are currently in London for a few weeks. What we have seen in terms of what the African community is doing, is phenomenal. During our stay here, we have witnessed the opening of the Black Cultural Archives, two African festivals, pubs like Ritzy that hosts African themed events, comedies, music etc and an African Diaspora conference that attracted people from all over the World..

There are just so many things going on for the African community back in London. And also an effort to make things happen back in their country.


This could be general for any native of any nation to either add to the great problem of brain drain or bring something back to their respective homelands to make a more positive and sustainable change in the social and economic platforms.

This notion holds equally true for the people of Africa.You can feel the unitedness within them and also a sense of belonging – the need to create a better future to their home especially areas in East Africa etc where they are not as advanced or developed as their South African neighbours in general. They are definitely not shy about voicing out their opinions and also not shy about admitting that poverty is still high. But on the other hand, we think that because they dare to voice out, means that they are willing to create change.


African fashion is making a huge statement too. We are talking about not just Africans embracing the beauty aesthetics but people of different ethnicity wearing those beautiful prints and one can easily see reflection of their great heritage in the several new designers and their vivid collections. If you walk down Petticoat Street, Brixton, you will see many shops selling African or African inspired prints.

If you are impressed by our previous post on biryani, you will be impressed by the variety of ingredients you can get hold here to whip up a brilliant African dish. From the famous piri piri chili which is ultra-hot, to vegetables like lady’s finger (not your Italian biscuits). Depending on how hot or spicy you want your lamb or mutton to be you can mix your own spices.


If you are a lover of dance beats, Afro dance movements might intrigue you with its most exuberant and peppy stance. We have the chance to catch some brilliant performance. The dance moves are strong and elegant at the same time. Every sweep and move moves along with nature at the same time, the stronger moves portray a very independent individual who hosts a happy soul within.

The moves are structured while moving along with the deep rhythmic chant, displaying strength and confidence.