Best answer: What does Doos mean in South Africa?

South Africa vulgar, slang. a foolish or despicable person.

What does Doos mean in Afrikaans slang?

Noun. doos. (South Africa, vulgar) vagina. (South Africa, vulgar) stupid person quotations ▼

Is Doos a word?

doos n. (South Africa, vulgar) vagina. doos n. (South Africa, vulgar) stupid person.

How do you spell Doos in Afrikaans?

doos (Afrikaans)

From Dutch doos‎ (“box, vagina, stupid female”), from Middle Dutch dose‎.

What does Dudu mean in Afrikaans?

Afrikaans, Zulu, Dutch, MalayShow more. … 42Doedoe, An onomatopoeic word used by Afrikaans-speaking mothers when children are lulled to sleep. The term is also used as a verb signifying to sleep.]

What does Dala mean?

‘ Delicious Durban lingo: Dala (dah-lah): This one is tricky, because it has more than one meaning. It could mean ‘fight’, ‘to kiss’ or ‘to do’. The most common phrase used is “Dala what you must” that means “do what you must”

How do u say hello in South Africa?

South Africa

  1. Zulu: Sawubona (Hello)
  2. Xhosa: Molo (Hello)
  3. Afrikaans: Hallo (Hello)
  4. English: Hello.


What are Doos?

doos in British English

(dʊəs ) South Africa vulgar, slang. a foolish or despicable person.

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What does Fair doos mean?

fair do’s in British English

a. equal shares or treatment. b. an expression of appeal for equal shares or treatment.

What is the meaning of Dood?

dood (uncountable) death; the act of dying. the dead; something that is no longer alive.

What does WENA mean in South Africa?

Wena. (Weh-nah) – meaning you, often used to express anger. From the isiZulu/isiXhosa word ‘wena’ meaning ‘you’

What does just now mean in South Africa?

Just Now- This term pretty much means later. When someone tells you they’ll get to your request just now, do not expect it to happen immediately. Though it does rank faster than now, it still will take some time to get what you need. Now Now- This is the term that means shortly.

What do you call a person from South Africa?

They are called Afrikaners and speak Afrikaans, a language closely related to the Dutch language. The province of Natal is also home to about one million Indians, whose forefathers came to South Africa to work on the sugarcane plantations.

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