Best answer: What is the dominant language family in Sub Saharan Africa Brainly?

Explanation: Niger-Congo is predominantly spoken is sub-Saharan Africa.

Which of these is the dominant language group of sub-Saharan Africa?

Three of the six dominant languages in Subsaharan Africa—spoken by at least ten million people or more—are spoken in Nigeria: Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo. The three remaining major languages of Subsaharan Africa are Swahili, Lingala, and Zulu.

What is the dominant language of sub-Saharan Africa Brainly?


What are the main boundaries that define sub-Saharan Africa?

1. What are the main boundaries that define Sub-Saharan Africa? The Sub-Saharan Africa includes the African countries south of the Sahara Desert. The main boundaries are between the four major parts -Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and Southern Africa.

What is the dominant language of sub-Saharan Africa quizlet?

Over time people from equatorial Africa migrated to the Caribbean and then to the U.S. What is the largest and most extensive language family in Sub-Saharan Africa? Niger-Congo language family dominates with the Bantu language group being the largest and most extensive subfamily.

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Which of the following statements best describes diversity in sub-Saharan Africa?

Answer: D is correct. Explanation: There are hundreds of different ethnic groups, and more than a thousand languages are spoken.

What are the colonial European languages spoken in sub-Saharan Africa?

The colonial (European) languages that are spoken in Sub-Saharan Africa are English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What African ethnic groups are Islamic?

Islam has a large presence in North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Sahel, the Swahili Coast, and much of West Africa, with minority immigrant populations in South Africa.

What are the characteristics of sub Saharan Africa?

In addition to an array of landforms from rift valleys to mountains to deserts, Sub-Saharan Africa contains a wide variety of climate zones and precipitation patterns. In general, the continent is relatively hot with temperate climates in the higher elevations.

Why is it called Sub Saharan Africa?

Arab writers referred to the region south of the Sahara as bilad al-sudan, or “land of the blacks”. The term was used to describe a larger area than modern-day Sudan, stretching roughly from Senegal to Ethiopia. Some 18th-century British mapmakers simply translated it as “Negroland”.

What are the main boundaries that define sub Saharan Africa quizlet?

What are the main boundaries that define sub-Saharan Africa? The African Transition Zone, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the largest language family in Sub Saharan Africa?

The Niger-Congo language family is the largest group of Africa (and probably of the world) in terms of the number of languages. One of its salient features is an elaborate noun class system with grammatical concord. The vast majority of languages of this family are tonal such as Yoruba and Igbo.

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What is the dominant religion in sub Saharan Africa prior to the colonial period?

Indigenous because in 1900, only 14% in Sub-Saharan Africa practiced Christianity, and 9% practiced Islam. That was during the colonial period. Hindu was practiced by the Indians, so the only logical answer is Indigenous.

What did most of the powerful African kingdoms have in common?

they mostly had resources , and locations in common. natural resources is definitely one, and i want to say access to sea.

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