Best answer: When was the last flood in South Africa?

Date 9 November 2016
Deaths 6, with 1 missing

How many floods happen in South Africa?

South Africa is no exception and experienced 77 major floods between 1980 and 2010, costing the lives of at least 1,068 people. Many severe floods have occurred since 2010 with losses of life, livelihoods and extensive damage to built infrastructure.

What was the biggest flood in South Africa?

Severe Tropical Storm Domoina in 1984 caused 100 year floods in South Africa and record rainfall in Swaziland.

Tropical Storm Domoina.

Severe tropical storm (SWIO scale)
Lowest pressure 976 hPa (mbar); 28.82 inHg
Fatalities 242
Damage $200 million (1984 USD)
Areas affected Madagascar, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa

Are there floods in South Africa?

Heavy rainfall has been affecting north-eastern South Africa (in particular Mpumalanga Province, Free State Province and the area of Johannesburg and Pretoria) over the past few days, causing rivers overflow and floods, that have resulted in casualties and damage.

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When was the most recent flash flood?

List of flash floods

Date Fatalities Cause
October 25, 2015 17+ rain storms
November 5, 2015 3 rain storms
November 15, 2017 24 heavy rain
April 26, 2018 10 heavy rain

Is South Africa prone to natural disasters?

Natural disasters in South Africa happen almost every year, and the common ones are earthquakes, floods, and drought. The government should, therefore, implement measures to help citizens survive such disasters since most of them occur without warning.

How can we prevent floods in South Africa?

Placing sandbags where necessary to protect vital areas. Raising the floor level of your house to be higher than the land outside. Listening to weather warnings that are issued by the South African Weather Service. Checking the terms of your insurance policy concerning flood and mud damage.

How many died in Laingsburg flood?

On 25 January 1981, Laingsburg in the Western Cape was devastated by a severe flood. The hard rains immersed the whole town in water, only the roofs of the houses were left visible. At least 100 residents lost their lives and the bodies of 72 people were never found.

How many cyclones have hit South Africa?

At least 30 tropical cyclones have affected the Southern African mainland.

What epidemics are the most common in South Africa?

Focusing on five devastating diseases between 1713 and today—smallpox, bubonic plague, “Spanish influenza,” polio, and HIV/AIDS—the book probes their origins, their catastrophic courses, and their consequences in both the short and long terms.

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How does flooding happen?

How floods form. A flood occurs when water inundates land that’s normally dry, which can happen in a multitude of ways. Excessive rain, a ruptured dam or levee, rapid melting of snow or ice, or even an unfortunately placed beaver dam can overwhelm a river, spreading over the adjacent land, called a floodplain.

Where is drought in South Africa?

Much of the Eastern Cape province in South Africa has been experiencing a severe drought since 2015. This drought has had major socio-economic effects particularly on the large impoverished rural population as well as on some urban areas where supplied water services have broken down in several cases.

How can floods be prevented?

Natural flood management

Measures might include using small barriers in ditches and fields, or notches cut into embankments, to divert the water into open land. Letting pools form outside the main channel of a river means the water is temporarily removed from the main flow – reducing the power of the floodwaters.

What was the tallest flash flood?

August 11, 1979 – India. The deadliest flash flood in history occurred on August 11, 1979 in the town of Morbi in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Machchhu II dam is located on the Machhu river and burst after holding back several days of heavy rainfall.

What state has the most flash floods?

1: Louisiana: A Red State Defined by Its History of Flooding

The state with the highest percentage of land at risk of flooding, Louisiana was the site of one of the most devastating storms in American history, Hurricane Katrina.

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Where was the biggest flash flood?

The World’s Most Catastrophic Floods, in Photos

  1. The Johnstown Flood was so massive it equaled the flow of the Mississippi River. …
  2. The Central China Flood may have killed as many as 3.7 million people. …
  3. One flood was known as the “Great Drowning of Men.” …
  4. Few floods in recorded history compare to the one that rocked the Indus River Valley in 1841.


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