Best answer: Which is the best medical aid scheme in South Africa?

Medihelp medical aid offers South Africans access to quality, private healthcare cover. With 94,084 members and 205,438 beneficiaries, it is among the largest open medical schemes in the country. The scheme focuses on bringing the best medical services to its members.

Which medical aid is the best in South Africa?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme is South Africa’s most-loved medical aid. Discovery Health Medical Scheme gives you complete peace of mind that your healthcare is in good hands at every stage of your health journey.

How much is medical aid per month in South Africa?

7 billion in contributions in 2017, which averages at around R1,477 per beneficiary per month (R3,100 per member per month). Of the 21 open schemes, this places Discovery on the more affordable side (ranking 14th, overall).

How do I choose a medical aid in South Africa?

When comparing medical aid schemes and deciding which to choose:

  1. Understand your budget – Most people would like the very best medical cover, but you should be realistic regarding what you can afford. …
  2. Ensure value for money – Look out for good value for money rather than premium costs.
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Is Bestmed a good medical aid?

Bestmed is a non-profit, mutual medical scheme (owned by its members) registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. … Well, in terms of pricing, the Council of Medical Schemes announced (2019) the forecast annual average increase of 9% in all South African medical scheme contributions.

Which is the biggest medical aid in South Africa?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme

It is the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa. It accounts for 31% of beneficiaries in the entire market. The scheme has 1.342 million members (33% of the total) and 2.795 million beneficiaries.

How much is Bonitas medical?

Bonitas is one of South Africas top 5 largest open medical schemes and provides cover for approximately 710 000 lives. It offers a choice of 13 medical aid options with the Standard option being the most popular. Premiums for a single member range from R1 159 to R7 207.

Can I use my medical aid at clicks?

Your Clicks pharmacist can assist by dispensing the generic medicines that your medical aid pays for in full, which ensures your benefits last longer. Note that this is applicable to medicine authorised by your medical aid, so it is best to check your medical aid benefits for more information.

How much does medical cost in South Africa?

Healthcare costs in South Africa

Visits to the doctor can cost around R55. However, waiting lists can be long, especially when it comes to seeing a specialist. Hospital stays can cost up to €50 a night if you are in the top income bracket.

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Why is medical aid so expensive?

Supply-side inflation

On the ‘supply side’, healthcare costs for medical schemes increase due to changes in the clinical practice of health professionals, and increased supply of healthcare resources (for example, new hospitals, medicines and medical technologies), Discovery said.

What is the waiting period for Bonitas medical aid?

A general waiting period lasts 3 months. During this period, you and your dependants are not entitled to claim any benefits, except, in some circumstances, Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

How do I choose a good medical aid?

10 tips on choosing a medical scheme

  1. Full cover vs. a hospital plan. …
  2. Check your health. …
  3. Assess your finances. …
  4. Check a scheme’s payment record. …
  5. Check a scheme’s solvency ratio. …
  6. Scrutinise the table of benefits. …
  7. See an independent broker. …
  8. Find out about exclusions.


What does Bonitas medical aid cover?

You get access to day-to-day benefits including unlimited GP consultations, layers of virtual care, dental and optical consultations, a private hospital network and more. … These plans cover you in hospital for emergency and planned procedures.

Which is better hospital plan or medical aid?

A hospital plan is more affordable than a comprehensive medical aid, so it may be a good option for lower-income or healthier individuals who want access to private healthcare.

Which hospitals does Bestmed cover?

  • Town. Hospital. Prac No. Group. Description.
  • Pretoria. Urolocare Hospital (ex Pretoria Urology Hospital) 5808847. NHN. Urology. Soweto. Apex Surgi-Centre Soweto. …
  • Potchefstroom. Potchefstroom Medicross. 7700784. NET. Same-Day Surgical. Centre. Rustenburg. …
  • Klerksdorp. Anncron Clinic. 5700159. LIFE. General Hospital. Mafikeng.
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Can a medical aid refuse membership?

Medical schemes cannot refuse your membership application, or increase your monthly contributions for any previous or existing health condition that you or your dependants may suffer from (or may have suffered from). The “worst” that may happen, is that you may receive certain waiting periods on certain conditions.

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