Can pomegranates grow in South Africa?

The main area for growing pomegranates in South Africa is in the Western Cape and Northern Cape. There are approximately 1000 hectares of commercially grown pomegranates in the country. “Pomona has 106 hectares so about 10% of the South African supply.

How do pomegranate trees grow in South Africa?

Pomegranate can successfully be grown on a wide range of soils but prefers a soil pH of 5 – 7,5. Start with soil preparation four to five months prior to planting, such as adjusting soil pH to at least 5 with limestone and adding phosphorus if soil tests indicate as such.

Is pomegranate indigenous to South Africa?

South Africa only import pomegranates from Israel, mostly the ‘Wonderful’ variety. Trade agreements prohibit the importing of pomegranates from countries such as Spain and Italy where superior varieties are produced.

Where do pomegranates grow the best?

Pomegranates can grow in almost any soil that has good internal drainage. They grow very well on the moderately alkaline soils of South Texas and northern Mexico, as well as the slightly acidic soils in East Texas. Some pomegranates tolerate salt better than do other com- mercial fruit crops.

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How long does it take for a pomegranate tree to bear fruit?

Some patience is required when growing a pomegranate tree, as it takes five to seven months for fruit to become mature and the tree itself needs two to three years before it bears more than a couple of fruits.

How deep does a pomegranate tree roots go?

The pomegranate root system is shallow, with most of it being less than 60cm (2 feet) deep and very rarely below 90cm (3 feet) – large, mature trees or strong, wide shrubs.

What month does pomegranate bloom?

The blooming period is relatively long for pomegranates (April–June), but later-blooming flowers may not have time to develop into fully ripe fruit. Fruit ripening takes around 6–7 months for most pomegranates, so flowers blooming in April and May should be ready between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

How much water does a pomegranate tree need?

Pomegranate Care

The tree will be happiest and most productive with 50 to 60 inches of water every year. Irrigate at least twice a month during the dry season. Keeping soil moist can prevent the fruits from splitting.

What temperature do pomegranates grow in?

They appreciate cool winters and hot, dry summers. They thrive when growing season temperatures are above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Pomegranate trees are more cold tolerant than citrus trees, but the levels vary depending on the cultivar. Some can cope with winter temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is a pomegranate tree evergreen?

Generally, the pomegranate is a large shrub or a small tree that grows to about 5 m tall. … In a tropical environment, pomegranates remain evergreen.

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Do you need 2 pomegranate trees to produce fruit?

The pomegranate is both self-pollinated and cross-pollinated by insects. This means you only need one pomegranate bush or tree to get fruit. There is very little wind dispersal of pollen so most of the pollination is done by bees. … The best way to do that is to plant more pollen-heavy flowers in your garden.

Is Epsom salt good for pomegranate?

Get Sweeter Fruits

Fruit trees like citrus, apples, peaches, pomegranate, and plums perk up after application of Epsom salt.

Are pomegranates easy to grow?

You sure can! Pomegranate seeds usually germinate pretty easily, and they can be started indoors over the winter for planting outside in the spring. … Put the pot in a sunny, warm window, and keep the soil moist as your seeds germinate and grow.

Are coffee grounds good for pomegranate trees?

You can use either homemade compost or store-bought fertilizer for pomegranate trees. Depending on your soil quality and environment, you may see better success with one over the other or with a mix of the two. If you choose to make your own, add plenty of scraps from leafy greens and any coffee grounds you have.

Should you prune pomegranate tree?

Pruning your pomegranate heavily will reduce fruit production but you will want to prune heavily after a year with little growth in order to re-invigorate your pomegranate. If you have a year with little or no crop, prune lightly.

How do I protect my pomegranate tree in the winter?

Extremely cold winters such as the winter of 2011 may kill even the hardy pomegranates except in exceptionally warm microclimates. If extremely low temperatures are anticipated, a thick layer of mulch (straw, pine needles, wood chips) may protect the base of the pomegranate plant allowing it to regrow the next spring.

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