Can you be forced to retire at 65 in South Africa?

No one can force you to retire. You’re allowed to work for as long as you like and no one is allowed to discriminate against you because of your age. In terms of section 187 (1)(f) of the Labour Relations Act, the dismissal of an employee based on his or her age will be automatically unfair.

Is there a compulsory retirement age in South Africa?

On 28 March 1995 an inter-office memorandum which confirmed that the retirement age had been amended to 60 years. The memorandum also indicated that employees who wished to retire at 65 years would be able to do so, regardless of their age at the time of making the election.

Can you be forced to retire at 65?

In this particular case, it was found that the general norm in the municipal sector is to retire at the age of 65. … If a retirement age is included in an employment contract, the employee may be forced to retire at that age. Employers therefore cannot unilaterally change employees’ retirement age.

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Can I claim UIF when I retire at 65?

While not straightforward, it is possible to claim UIF in certain circumstances when retired. … Essentially, if you voluntarily retire then no UIF can be claimed. However, if you are required to leave your company on reaching a certain age, but would prefer to keep working then you may be able to claim.

Can an employer force you to take early retirement?

An employer cannot force an employee into early retirement. … Early retirement is exclusively the decision of the employee, and cannot be forced by the employer. So what your employer is basically saying is that they want you, the employee, to terminate your employment contract with them.

At what age does a woman retire in South Africa?

South Africa Labour Last Previous
Retirement Age Women 60.00 60.00
Retirement Age Men 60.00 60.00
Minimum Wages 21.69 20.76
Youth Unemployment Rate 63.30 63.20

What is the new retirement age?

Grow. That legislation increased the full retirement age to 67, from 65, over 22 years, a change that is still getting phased in today. New congressional research takes a look at how raising the full retirement age again could work.

Can you force someone to go on pension?

An employee cannot be forced to retire, unless his/her employment contract has a condition where s/he must retire at a certain age or a rule sets the date of retirement. The rules of a pension fund can also determine a retirement age that must be complied with.

Can you be forced into retirement?

In most professions, forced retirement based on age is illegal. Although many employers used to have a mandatory retirement age, this practice was eventually prohibited by the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). … The ADEA is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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Is forced retirement legal? Mandatory retirement at a set age was abolished in 1986 by an amendment to the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act. 3 There are some exceptions for occupations that have high physical fitness requirements, such as military personnel and airline pilots.

What benefits can I claim if I retire early?


  • Housing Benefit.
  • Income Support.
  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance.
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance.
  • Pension Credit.
  • Universal Credit.

How much is enough for retirement in South Africa?

“To maintain your lifestyle after retirement, you’ll need around 15 times your annual salary, so 15 x R300,000, meaning a lump sum of roughly R4. 5 million,” he said.

Is it better to retire or resign from a company?

The difference between retiring and resigning is that when you retire, sometimes you still can receive (social) benefits like healthcare and a pension. These benefits vary per company. … Resigning means you voluntarily quit your job, which means you’re not eligible for those benefits.

Can your boss ask you when you are going to retire?

Employees cannot be forced to retire because of their age. Employers who repeatedly ask an employee about retirement are giving the employee evidence of age discrimination if the employee is later fired. … However, employers do have the right to know if an employee is planning to retire.

How much pension do you lose if you retire early?

The pension scheme reduces the annual rate of pension by five per cent for each year if a pension is taken early. This means that Michael’s pension will be reduced by 10 per cent because it is paid two years early.

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