Do South African universities accept A levels?

No university in South Africa will accept a student without this exemption. … However, students with a foreign qualification like the Cambridge IG and AS/A Levels need to apply to Universities South Africa (USAf) and in particular to the matriculation board for exemption.

What are A levels equivalent to in South Africa?

A-Levels are equivalent to the National Senior Certificate (NTC) in South Africa, and are required for entry in to university.

Do South African universities accept Cambridge?

The Cambridge syllabus allows South African high school students a qualification that is acceptable by all South African universities, universities of technology, and most notably universities in 165 countries internationally.

Do universities accept as levels only?

Schools and colleges are not legally obliged to offer AS-levels and enter students for the relevant exams, so not all offer them.

Is NSC equivalent to A levels?

The IEB NSC is a Proudly South African qualification that is equivalent to the UK AS level. In addition its Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English are equivalent to the UK A levels. … The IEB NSC and our Advanced Programme subjects prepare learners for South Africa, and the world at large.

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Are A levels harder than matric?

The progression to A-Levels was harder. In my opinion, the Matric is harder than GCSEs (GCSEs are rediculous, try googling past paper questions), but A-Levels are more than likely significantly harder than the Matric.

Is a South African matric equal to the UK A Levels?

This page serves to help South Africans understand the UK’s recognition of their SA qualifications.

National Qualification Framework.

RQF Level (UK) NQF Level (SA) Qualification Level
2 4 National Certificate (Matric) / GCSE A, B, C
3 5 Higher National Certificate / A Levels A, B, C, D, E
4 6 Diploma

What is the minimum APS score for a bachelor degree?

The minimum requirements for the undergraduate qualifications are: Higher Certificate: 15 points. Diploma: 18 points. Bachelor Degree: 21 points (some exceptions may apply)

What are the requirements to study at UCT?

The minimum requirement for admission to undergraduate diploma study is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi with an achievement rating of 3 (Moderate Achievement, 40-49%) or better in 4 recognised NSC 20-credit subjects.

What is Zimbabwe O level equivalent to in South Africa?

IGCSE/O-Level/GCE are the 10th and 11th year of schooling in Zimbabwe and the equivalent of Grade 11 (NQF3). Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS-Levels) is the 12th year of schooling. In South Africa, AS Levels are the equivalent of National Senior Certificate subjects (NQF4) passed at the Higher Grade.

Do you need 3 A levels to get into university?

One reason for taking four A levels is if there’s more than one subject you’re seriously considering studying at university but you’d need more than three A levels to cover all the entry requirements.

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How many A levels do universities want?

The minimum requirement even for the best universities is that you take three A-levels (excluding General Studies); these will be the basis of your offer. Some students choose to take on additional AS or full A-level subjects, giving them a total of four or five A-levels with which to apply to university.

What is an A level equivalent to?

Highers and Advanced Highers are considered the equivalents of AS and A levels. Currently theere are over 60 subjects available and you usually study four or five Highers subjects. Each Higher is made up of units, and you need to pass all units and the course assessment to achieve the qualification.

Is NQF level 4 the same as matric?

An NQF Level 4 is basically a matric qualification, which is your National Senior Certificate (NSC). You can achieve it after successfully completing grade 12. … It is a qualification awarded to students who completed their grade 10 to 12 at a TVET college.

Is IEB better than NSC?

The biggest difference between the IEB and NSC is that the IEB focuses on preparing students for life abroad. Most people wonder which qualification between the IEB and NSC is better. This solely depends on your personal needs and what you as a student are capable of.

What is a level 6 certificate equivalent to?

Level 6 qualifications are at a level equivalent to bachelor’s degrees with honours, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas.

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