Frequent question: Why should we buy products with the Proudly South African logo?

By buying Proudly South African products you are making a personal contribution to the strengthening of the South African economy. And the best bit is that as a consumer you get an assurance of quality because only quality products carry the Proudly South African mark.

In return we offer: Use of the Proudly South African logo, which is a recognised endorsement of local content and quality.

How does buying proudly South African products promote nation building?

Buying South African stimulates an increased demand for locally-produced products and services. This translates into the safeguarding of existing employment opportunities, economic growth, and the creation of more quality employment opportunities in our country.

What is the purpose of the Proudly South African campaign?

Its purpose is to work to combat the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and above all, unemployment by encouraging local investment and consumption of local products. Cost of membership is billed at a tiered rate based on the annual turnover of the company, with reduced rates for non-governmental organizations.

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Why is it important that government and other South African buy local products?

Buying locally manufactured products will ensure that the money spent by citizens stays in the country. It will also assist the country to realise its dream of growing the economy, safeguarding jobs and creating more jobs for those who are unemployed.

Be Proudly South African

The campaign was based on the idea that boosting consumption of local products by South Africans and those visiting the country would lead to economic transformation and job growth in the country. … The campaign now has close to 2,000 member companies who now bear the Proudly South African logo.

Which anniversary will proudly South African be celebrating in 2021?

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of Proudly South African, the country’s official buy local advocacy campaign, and our 9th annual and first virtual Buy Local Summit & Expo between 8-10 March, 2021.

What does buy South African mean?

The Proudly South African “buy local” campaign simply encourages the nation to buy local products and make use of local services, in an effort to stimulate the local economy and help to create jobs.

How can the establishment of more Labour intensive industries benefit South Africa?

“There will be more jobs for the poor and the wage rate will increase when the economy upgrades to more capital intensive industries.” … “Labour intensive industries provide jobs, can be competitive and can pave the basis for continuous upgrading to higher value added industries.”

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Why is it important that government buy local products?

“Why buy local? It contributes to the retention of jobs, the creation of jobs and contributes to grow the economy, aids in skills transfer,” he said. He stressed that locally made products are of a high quality.

Which South African campaign encourages us to buy local products?

Proudly South African, the country’s national Buy Local campaign, seeks to strongly influence procurement in public and private sectors, to increase local production, influence consumers to buy local and stimulate job creation.

Why it is a good idea to support local South African businesses and buy their products or use their services?

There are many reasons why consumers buy local products mostly stemming from the sentiment of local is lekker! … By supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses a consumer contributes to the resilient supply chain of South Africa, creating more employment opportunities and in turn naturally stimulating the economy.

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