How many NBA players are from Africa?

From African countries, Nigeria and Senegal have produced 24 and 12 players respectively. From Latin American countries, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Argentina have produced 17, 15 and 14 players respectively.

What NBA players are from Africa?

Our list of African NBA players includes a group of famous names including Dikembe Mutombo, Serge Ibaka, Luc Mbah a Moute, and yes, even Steve Nash (he was born a UK citizen in South Africa). Some of these players are the best blockers in the NBA, while others are part of a select list of impact players off the bench.

Who is the best African American basketball player?

Best African Born NBA Players of All Time

  • Manute Bol. Getty Images. Bol probably doesn’t qualify as one of the best NBA players from Africa. …
  • Joel Embiid. Getty Images. …
  • Luol Deng. Getty Images. …
  • Steve Nash. Getty Images. …
  • Dikembe Mutombo. Getty Images. …
  • Hakeem Olajuwon. Getty Images.
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How many NBA players are from Cameroon?

Players from Cameroon In The NBA Since 1946-1947

Player Pos GP
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje C 44
Luc Mbah a Moute F 689
Joel Embiid C 260
Pascal Siakam F 332

How many Nigerians are in the 2020 NBA draft?

It was a historic night for eight Nigerians as players of Nigerian heritage were selected in the 2020 NBA draft with two of them making the Top 10 pick. The eight players are of Nigerian heritage with two of them born in Nigeria, while the other six are related to Nigeria by their parents.

Which country has most NBA players?

For the seventh consecutive year, Canada (17 players) is the most-represented country outside of the U.S., followed by France (nine players), Australia (eight players), Serbia and Germany (six players each). The Washington Wizards have an NBA-high seven international players.

Are there any British NBA players?

Luol Deng. The UK’s greatest ever player, Luol Deng was a two-time NBA All-Star and by far the most successful Brit in the NBA. … On 17 October 2019 Deng signed a one-day contract to retire with the Chicago Bulls.

Which African country has the most NBA players?


Country/Territory No. of Players
Nigeria 24
Senegal 12
Cameroon 4
Democratic Republic of the Congo 4

Is Giannis African?

Born in Greece to Nigerian parents, Antetokounmpo began playing basketball for the youth teams of Filathlitikos in Athens. In 2011, he began playing for the club’s senior team before entering the 2013 NBA draft, where he was selected 15th overall by the Bucks.

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Who is the best basketball player in South Africa?

1. Steve Nash (1974 – ) With an HPI of 61.02, Steve Nash is the most famous South African Basketball Player.

What NBA players are from Greece?

Players from Greece Currently In The NBA

Player Pos WT
Giannis Antetokounmpo F 242
Kostas Antetokounmpo PF 200
Thanasis Antetokounmpo SF 215

How many Nigerian players play in the NBA?

There are currently 19 players of Nigerian origin on NBA rosters, including the three Antetokounmpo brothers, Bam Adebayo, Victor Oladipo and Andre Iguodala, the oldest Nigerian in the league, who was selected ninth overall in the 2004 draft.

What NBA players are from Senegal?

NBA Players From Senegal

Player Pos WT
Boniface Ndong C 240
Makhtar N’Diaye F 245
Hamady Ndiaye C 235
Gorgui Dieng FC 252

Is Isaac Okoro an Igbo?

Early life. Okoro was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Nigerian parents and was raised close to metro Atlanta. His father, Godwin, emigrated from Nigeria in the 1980s. His mother, Gloria, also originates from Nigeria.

Who is the father of basketball in Nigeria?

In view of his role as the pioneer of basketball in Nigeria, Walid Zabadne has been deemed “father of Nigerian basketball”.

What is your name in Igbo language?

Useful phrases in Igbo

English Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ìgbò (Igbo)
What’s your name? Kedụ aha gị? Kedụ afa gị?
My name is … Aha m bụ … Afa m bụ …
Where are you from? Onye ebee ka ị bụ?
I’m from … A bụ m onye … E si m …
Hai Afrika!