How many species of fish are there in Africa?

Altogether, the combined effects of geographic, climatic and topographic factors have given rise to a high diversity of ecosystems, freshwater fishes and assemblages. Currently 3,360 species of fresh and brackish water fish species have been described from Africa.

How many species of fish are there 2020?

According to FishBase, 34,300 species of fish had been described as of September 2020. That is more than the combined total of all other vertebrate species: mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Fish species diversity is roughly divided equally between marine (oceanic) and freshwater ecosystems.

What kind of fish are in Africa?

Freshwater Fish of southern Africa

  • Awaous aeneofuscus. Awaous lateristriga. …
  • Redigobius dewaali. Silhouettea sibayi. …
  • Humpback Largemouth. Serranochromis altus. …
  • Brownspot Largemouth. Serranochromis thumbergi. …
  • Chetia flaviventris. Three-spotted Tilapia. …
  • Oreochromis placidus 5 Pharyngochromis acuticeps. …
  • Sargochromis giardi. Sargochromis greenwoodi. …
  • Tilapia ruweti.

How many different species of fish is there?

There are almost 28,000 known extant species, of which almost 27,000 are bony fish, with 970 sharks, rays, and chimeras and about 108 hagfish and lampreys.

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Which country has the most species of fish?

Total number of bird species, by country

Country / region Fish Rank
Australia 4,934 1
Indonesia 4,772 2
Brazil 4,521 3
Japan 4,054 4

Can a fish feel pain?

Neurobiologists have long recognized that fish have nervous systems that comprehend and respond to pain. Fish, like “higher vertebrates,” have neurotransmitters such as endorphins that relieve suffering—the only reason for their nervous systems to produce these painkillers is to alleviate pain.

Which sea specie is not a true fish?

Jellyfish can not be listed as a fish because it does not meet the requirements of being a fish. A fish must have gills, fins and a vertebra which is all lacking in a jellyfish. Also, starfish falls within the same criteria as a jellyfish. It is a star-shaped aquatic animal that leaves stuck to a surface.

Does Africa have fish?

But Africa is also home to more than 3000 species of fishes, some of them wickedly cool species that are the last remnants of ancient lineages dating back more than 100 million years ago.

What aquarium fish come from Africa?

With the array of species and the diversity of behaviors, Africans are sure to retain their popularity as an entertaining freshwater aquarium fish. Some common African Cichlids include Red Zebra, Cobalt Blue, Electric Yellow Lab, Electric Blue, Albino Compressiceps, and Frontosa.

Why is African catfish banned in India?

The Hindu reports that documents it obtained show many farms are still cultivating the fish, known as Clarias gariepinus, or African catfish, in small villages. … The government first issued the ban in 2000, after hearing complaints that the fish could pose a threat to indigenous species.

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What is the most common fish?

The World’s Most Common Types of Fish

Rank Fish Commercial Harvest
1 Grass carp 5,028,661
2 Peruvian anchoveta 4,692,855
3 Silver carp 4,189,578
4 Common carp 3,791,913

Which is not a fish?

And most people know that lampreys, sharks, rays, eels, seahorses, and other strange-looking aquatic creatures are fishes, while shellfish, cuttlefish, starfish, crayfish, and jellyfish (despite their names) are not fishes.

What are the 5 types of fish?

21 Different Types of Fish (and How They Taste)

  • Flavor Profile #1: Mild. Branzino, tilapia, halibut, cod, sole, perch, walleye, catfish. …
  • Flavor Profile #2: Medium. Yellowtail or kampachi, snapper, swordfish, grouper, trout. …
  • Flavor Profile #3: Full. Salmon, tuna, bluefish, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, herring.

Which is the most poisonous fish in the world?

The most venomous known fish is the reef stonefish. It has a remarkable ability to camouflage itself amongst rocks. It is an ambush predator that sits on the bottom waiting for prey to approach. Instead of swimming away if disturbed, it erects 13 venomous spines along its back.

What is the biggest fish alive today?

Largest extant fish

Rank Animal Binomial Name
1 Whale shark Rhincodon typus
2 Basking shark Cetorhinus maximus
3 Great white shark Carcharodon carcharias
4 Tiger shark Galeocerdo cuvier

What is the most expensive fish to eat in the world?

What is the most expensive fish in the world to eat? Japan tuna is the world’s expensive edible fish. A bluefin tuna can be sold for three-quarters of a million dollars in Tokyo alone.

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