How many toll gates are in South Africa?

There are four main toll gates, namely Pulumani, Carousel, Kranskop, and Nyl. Depending on the type of vehicle you are using, below are the total costs.

How many toll gates are there in South Africa?

We’ve identified the 36 main toll roads in South Africa, so you’re not left short-changed half-way down the highway. So if you’re planning an awesome road trip sometime soon, or being dragged along to see a distant in-law you’ve never heard of, it’s best that you know what roads charge what price.

Who owns toll gates in South Africa?


Type Government-owned public company
Owner Government of South Africa
Number of employees 397
Parent Department of Transport

Which is the most expensive toll gate in South Africa?

The highest fee you’ll have to pay at a single booth in South Africa is at the Machado Plaza on the N4, which bills motorists R99 to pass through the barriers.

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How much is the toll fees from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Toll gate from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Toll Price
Grasmere R21.50
Vaal R71.50
Verkeerdevlei R61.50
Huguenot R42.50

How do you pay tolls in South Africa?

For All Vehicles users can pay Toll Fees using:

  1. Cash (South African Tender) or.
  2. Master Card or Visa Credit Cards issued by South African Banks or.
  3. Garage Cards or Petrol Cards issued by South African Banks or.
  4. Fleet Cards issued by South African Fleet Card Issuers.

How much do Tolls cost from Johannesburg to Durban?

Toll fees from Joburg to Durban

Johannesburg-Durban toll gates and fees
Toll fees 2021 2020
N3 Mooi River R55.00 R53.00
N3 Mariannhill R13.00 R12.50
Total R272.00 R263.50

What is E-toll in South Africa?

e-toll (in South Africa) consists of the electronic toll collection (ETC) processes employed by South Africa’s roads agency SANRAL on selected toll roads or toll lanes, subject to the Sanral Act of 1998. … The two main ETC methods are “Boom-down” electronic toll collection and open road tolling (ORT).

Is E-toll compulsory in South Africa?

MOTORISTS that use the e-toll roads are not obliged to buy e-tags, says the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral). It is not compulsory for road users to buy an e-tag for Gauteng’s e-tolling. “Registering with an e-tag is optional.

Are toll roads government owned?

The Toll Roads are owned by the state of California and operated by The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA). TCA is comprised of two joint powers authorities formed by the California legislature in 1986 to plan, finance, construct and operate Orange County’s 67-mile public toll road system.

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How much is an Etoll?

The monthly account fee is $1.25 for your first tag, $1.00 for your second tag, 75c for your third tag, and 50c for all subsequent tags. If you no longer need your tag, simply return it to a Service NSW Centre. If you close your account within 6 months, a closing fee of $6 will apply.

How do I get an ETAG in South Africa?

at an e-toll Customer Service Outlet, located at a mall or along the Gauteng e-road; or • online at; or • by printing the Registration Form available from the e-toll website and faxing it to 0800 SANRAL (726 725) or e-mailing it to; or • by phoning into the e-toll Call Centre at …

How much is Middelburg toll gate?

Middelburg Mainline Toll Plaza

Vehicle Class Cost
Class 1 (R66.00)
Class 2 (R144.00)
Class 3 (R218.00)
Class 4 (R287.00)

How many toll gates are there from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

How much is the toll fees from Johannesburg to Cape Town? The fees from Johannesburg to Cape Town have also increased. The toll gates between the two destinations are four, namely Huguenot, Verkeerdevlei, Vaal, and Grasmere. The total costs will depend on the class of the vehicle as per SANRAL.

How many hours drive to Cape Town from Johannesburg?

The driving distance between Johannesburg and Cape Town is 1398.7km and it would take you 17 Hours 29 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph). The Flying time between Johannesburg and Cape Town is 1 Hours 24 minutes since you would need to travel 1262.4 km.

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How much is the toll road in Jamaica?

Toll Rate Structure

Jamaica North South Highway Toll Rate Table
Caymanas Linstead
Unit Valley $900 $350
Lydford $1,150 $550
Ocho Rios $1,400 $850
Hai Afrika!