How much does it cost to cage dive with great white sharks in South Africa?

Like we said in the intro, cage diving can be a costly trip. The prices vary in high or low season. During high season, when there is much more white shark action around Cape Town, you’ll pay $259 a person for a morning trip. During the low season the same trip is only $185 a person.

How much does great white shark cage diving cost?

Cost: $300 per person, up to 6 guests per trip. Sharks Seen: Mako, Blue, Hammerhead, and Great White Shark.

How much does shark cage diving cost in South Africa?

Shark Cage Diving Prices in South Africa

Adult Diver: R2300 per person. Adult Non- Diver: R2100 per person. Children between 8 and 12 years: R 17500.

How much does it cost to go swimming with sharks?

Swimming with sharks is available off chartered boats from Isla Guadalupe in Mexico or the Farallon Islands off California, east to the Bahamas. Typical costs: Open-water or cage-less swims typically cost $100-$3,600, depending on the location and number of dives.

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Where can you go shark cage diving in South Africa?

There are two main places in South Africa that promise fantastic shark cage diving experiences namely at Gansbaai and Mossel Bay. Gansbaai is just 2 hours drive from Cape Town and offers amazing South African shark cage diving experiences everyday in the picturesque Kleinbaai Harbour.

Has anyone died from shark cage diving?

Has Anyone Ever Died Cage Diving With Sharks? No human has ever died by shark attack in a shark cage diving accident, making many believe shark cage diving is safe. … While no people have died cage diving with sharks from a shark attack, the practice is certainly not safe for sharks.

Can you swim with great white sharks without a cage?

No, you can’t. Swimming with great whites is inherently dangerous. These are large and powerful predators who have eaten people in the past.

How far down do you go in a shark cage?

How deep is the cage in the water? The cage remains afloat with about one foot of the cage above the water at all times. The cage is also solidly attached to the boat with two thick ropes that further prevent it from sinking or drifting away from the boat. The bottom of the cage is about six feet below the surface.

Which is the best shark cage diving company in Cape Town?

Cape Town has a number of reputable operators that can provide you with more information and in which to book a tour: Great White Shark Tours. Marine Dynamics Shark Tours. White Shark Diving Company.

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How much does a great white cost?

The Great White costs 150,000 coins.

Is it safe to swim with sharks on your period?

The answer is very simple: Yes, it is ok to dive during your period and there is no evidence that your chances of being attacked by a shark increase (see more from Divers Alert Network).

Where is the best place to cage dive with great white sharks?

Isla Guadalupe is, without doubt, the best place in the world to dive with great white sharks. Lying 150 miles off the Baja California Peninsula, this uninhabited volcanic island is only accessible via liveaboard, and a good number of boats offer cage diving experiences here.

What colors Sharks are attracted to?

As mentioned, sharks are attracted to high contrast colors. And in murky waters, these colors will be bright yellow and orange.

Is shark cage diving safe in South Africa?

The combination of small industry, tight regulations and type of activity means that shark cage diving is paradoxically one of the safest adventure activities that you can do while on vacation in South Africa.

Where is the best shark diving in South Africa?

Here are the 10 top shark dives in Southern Africa in order of popularity:

  • Shark Diving on Durban’s Aliwal Shoal. …
  • South Africa’s Sardine Run. …
  • Great white shark cage diving. …
  • Great White Shark Breaching Trip. …
  • Manta Ray dive in Zavora. …
  • Whale Shark Snorkel in Tofo. …
  • Bull Shark Dive at Protea Banks. …
  • Hammerhead Sharks at Protea Banks.
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Where are great white sharks in South Africa?

For years, one of South Africa’s great tourist attractions has been the opportunity to see, up close, one of the world’s most fearsome predators – the great white shark. But barely a single one has been spotted off the coast of Cape Town for two years now – where there used to be hundreds.

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