How much is a new BMW in South Africa?

How much is the latest BMW in South Africa?

New Car Specs

  • Series. (from R 553 220.00)
  • Series. (from R 587 420.00)
  • Series. (from R 697 524.00)
  • Series. (from R 785 416.00)
  • Series.

What is the cheapest BMW in South Africa?

The cheapest BMW you can buy in South Africa

  • BMW 318i – R697,524.
  • BMW i3 eDrive – R754,200.
  • BMW 420i Gran Coupe – R785,416.
  • BMW Z4 sDrive 20i Sport Line – R894,414.
  • BMW 520d – R987,296.
  • BMW M2 Competition – R1,139,464.
  • BMW 840i Gran Coupe – R1,631,830.
  • BMW 740Li xDrive – R1,950,730.


How much is a brand new BMW?

Top-Ranking Models

Most fuel-efficient 328d — 36 Combined MPG i3 — 113 Combined MPG
Most popularly searched on 320 340
Lowest Price (New) 320 — $34,900 starting MSRP X1 — $35,400 starting MSRP

What model BMW is the cheapest?

BMW’s smallest sports coupe—the 2-series—is also the least expensive model in the lineup and super fun to drive, with your choice of two fantastic engines. Based on the popular X1 SUV, the 2020 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe is an entry-level sedan with a rakish roofline and standard all-wheel drive.

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Will car prices drop in 2020 South Africa?

South African new-vehicle sales are expected to trend down between 25- to 30% year-on-year. We are not an isolated tragedy. The global pandemic has decimated all planning and demand projections for 2020, but it’s telling that our local market has regressed dramatically since 2006.

What does BMW stand for?

Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

When did BMW come to South Africa?

As early as 1929, the first BMW motorcycle was imported to South Africa by a private individual. The first cars of the brand in 1952 was a BMW 501. However, the assembly of BMW automobiles did not begin until 1968 by Praetor Monteerders in Rosslyn. The company also assembled Jeep models.

What does South Africa BMW mean?

Getting a ‘South Africa Edition’ means you have 50/50 chance to get a RHD import… J/K! Regardless where the cars were built, as long as they’re US-spec’d, they’ll come with the same equipment/accessories.

Is BMW a German car?

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. BMW is a German-owned company, and it has been since it made its debut decades ago.

Which BMW is the best?

With that being said, here are some of the best BMW cars ever made, ranked.

  • 3 BMW 2002 Turbo.
  • 4 E46 BMW M3 CSL. …
  • 5 BMW M1. …
  • 6 BMW E36 M3. …
  • 7 BMW 850CSI. …
  • 8 BMW Z3 M Coupe. Next up is the BMW Z3 M Coupe. …
  • 9 BMW E39 M5. The E39 BMW M5 is considered to be the peak of the M5 lineup by many BMW enthusiasts. …
  • 10 BMW 3.0 CSL. via Pinterest. …
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Which is the cheapest luxury car?

Here are 18 luxury cars that won’t break the bank, listed in order of MSRP.

  • GMC Canyon: $22,200. GMC Canyon. …
  • Acura ILX: $25,900. Acura ILX. …
  • Lexus UX: $32,300. Lexus UX. …
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan: $32,800. Mercedes-Benz A Class. …
  • Cadillac CT4: $32,995. Cadillac CT4. …
  • Audi A3: $33,300. …
  • Volvo XC40: $33,700. …
  • BMW X1: $35,200.

Why BMW are so expensive?

BMW is an expensive car with marginal reliability

While the pricing varies, it’s understood that BMW vehicles land at the higher end of the price spectrum. … Maintenance, parts, and repairs for these German-made rides make BMWs some of the most expensive cars to own, as well.

Is a Mercedes-Benz better than a BMW?

While the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is one of the highest performing large luxury sedans on the road today, the overall winner when it comes to luxury performance is BMW. Any consumer looking for style and performance in the same convenient package should choose a vehicle produced by BMW.

How can I get a nice car for cheap?

The Best Place To Buy A Good Cheap Car

  1. New Car Dealership: Worst Place.
  2. Buy-Here Pay-Here Dealership: Pretty Terrible.
  3. Carmax And Other Auto Superstores: Not So Good.
  4. Independent Used Car Dealers, Cash Only: Decent.
  5. Private Individuals: Getting Better.
  6. Government Auctions: Now You’re Cheap!
  7. Impound Lot Auctions: Now You’re Really Cheap!
  8. Used Car Brokers.


Is Porsche more expensive than BMW?

Porsche’s typically command higher prices than BMW. The cheapest BMW you can buy starts just over $30,000 while the cheapest Porsche is just above $50,000. Similarly, the most expensive BMW you can buy.

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