How much is a pine tree worth in South Africa?

How much is a tree worth? It depends on the type, size & quality of the timber, but the wood of a mature Pine tree can be up to R400, whilst a mature Eucalypt tree can fetch as much as R1,000.

How much is a pine tree worth?

The value of pine trees in the forest or in a plantation can be appraised by a Consulting Forester. Pine timber generally sells for less than ten cents per board foot. So, a big pine tree might be worth $30. However, on a big well-managed plantation, that could add up to significant value on a per-acre basis.

How much is an acre of pine trees worth?

How Much Money is an Acre of Timber Worth?

Pine Timber Values/Acre
Year Plantation* Natural
2018 $1,694 $1,738
2019 $1,566 $2,055
*Average of all age classes excluding <15 (clearcut)
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How much money can you make selling pine trees?

It usually takes around 20 to 30 years for trees to fully mature. Depending on the type of trees and the market when the timber is sold, you could earn $500 to $2000 per acre (at $1500, you would be looking at $60 per year in income if you were to annualize it over 25 years).

Can you get money for pine trees?

Depending on the size, health, quality and quantity of the trees, someone may be willing to cut them for sale to a lumber mill or paper mill. Better quality trees could be used for lumber, lesser quality for paper or wood chips for the paper mill’s boiler if they also make power onsite.

How much do loggers pay for pine trees?

An average trailer load of softwood logs would be around $1,900. Hardwood pulp would be around a thousand. High grade hardwood logs would be much higher.

How much is a load of pine logs worth?

Species & Product Recent Range
Hardwood Pallet Logs $20.00 to $75.00 per MBF
Hardwood Mat Logs $225.00 to $300.00 per MBF

What trees are worth the most money?

Some of the most recognized hardwoods include maple, oak, ash, beech, sycamore, alder and cherry. Another important factor in product value is tree size. Trees that are taller and larger in diameter will bring higher sale prices because they have more usable volume.

How much is White Pine worth?

If a 300-foot old growth White Pine was found today it could be worth $30,000 or more.

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How much do Loggers make per tree?

Fallers cut down trees using mobile felling machines and powered chainsaws. They earned a median $21.46 per hour or $44,650 per year as of May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What is a tree worth?

They have found that a single tree provides $73 worth of air conditioning, $75 worth of erosion control, $75 worth of wildlife shelter, and $50 worth of air pollution reduction. Compounding this total of $273 for fifty years at 5% interest results in a tree value of $57,151.

Can I cut and sell my own timber?

Cutting and Selling Timber From Your Farm Woodlot

Although selling standing timber to a buyer who then arranges for cutting and removal is the most common sales method, some farmers may choose to harvest the timber themselves, cut it to length and market it directly to sawmills.

How much does it cost to plant a pine tree per acre?

Pine seedlings averaged 582 per acre for hand planting and about 600 per acre for machine planting (table 2). The average cost of machine planting bareroot pine species on cutover land was 33 percent higher than the average cost of hand planting all bareroot pine seedlings on similar sites.

Can you make money selling timber?

Depending on current timber prices, you could make some money. If this is the only reason you’re thinking about cutting timber (but aren’t excited about removing your park-like trees), there are other options that don’t involve cutting. In fact, you can make a healthy side income without cutting your trees at all.

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How much does it cost to remove a 50 foot pine tree?

Tree Removal Prices

Height (in feet) Removal Estimate
40 $420 – $700
50 $500 – $1,000
60-80 $800 – $1,500
80-100 $1,000 – $2,000

How do I calculate the value of a tree?

The formula is: Tree Value = Base Value x Cross-sectional Area x Species Class x Condition Class x Location Class Base Value is the dollar amount assigned to 1 square inch of a tree’s trunk cross-sectional area and is typically based on the cost of the largest available replacement plant of the same species.

How big do pine trees have to be to sell?

Trees in the 6 to 8-inch diameter range are usually sold as pulpwood, OSB, chips, or low-grade lum- ber. Trees in the 10-inch diameter size or larger are usually sold as more valuable products, such as sawlogs, veneer, or poles.

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