Is Black Label a South African beer?

Carling Black Label has proved once again that it is South Africa’s favourite beer after claiming a first place in the Sunday Times Top Brands Award Business to Consumer Category.

Where does Black Label beer originate from?

Carling Black Label

A Black Label Draught in a Johannesburg Pub.
Type Beer
Country of origin Canada
Introduced 1927
Alcohol by volume 5–5.5%

Which beer is made in South Africa?

Their most popular and valuable brand is Carling Black Label, which is the most awarded beer in the country with 20 prestigious international beer awards to its name. They also produce Castle milk stout, Hansa Pilsner, Castle Lager and Castle Lite.

Is Black Label beer a lager?

The beer itself is one of the stronger lagers in South Africa with a clean, refreshing taste. It has a spicy hoppiness complemented by lightly kilned malted barley.

What is the best South African beer?


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1 Devil’s Peak / Mikkeller Capenhagen 94
2 Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA 92
3 Devil’s Peak Vannie Hout 92
4 Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy 91

Is Black Label a good beer?

Carling Black Label has proved once again that it is South Africa’s favourite beer after claiming a first place in the Sunday Times Top Brands Award Business to Consumer Category.

What is the best beer in the world?

the ratebeer top 50

name style
1 Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Stout – Imperial Flavored / Pastry
2 Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter Stout – Imperial
3 Westvleteren 12 XII Quadrupel / Abt
4 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera Lambic – Unblended Jonge / Oude

What is the strongest alcohol in South Africa?

Strongest vodka in the world ! Strongest spirit or drink of any kind in the world ! The only spirit in South Africa that can dissolve herbal wax and resin for the production of herbal oils.

What is the healthiest beers to drink?

The Healthiest Beers You Can Drink

  • Amstel Light. Heineken. …
  • Busch Light. Anheuser-Busch. …
  • Natural Light. Anheuser-Busch. …
  • Michelob Ultra. Anheuser-Busch. …
  • Corona Premier. Constellation Brands. …
  • Beck’s Premier Light. itemmaster. …
  • Miller64. itemmaster. …
  • Bud Select 55. Anheuser-Busch. Bud Select 55 was the lowest-calorie beer we could find.


How much alcohol is consumed in South Africa?

Drinking among drinkers

The ratio shows that among the drinking population, the average amount consumed per drinker is 34.9 litres per annum. This indicates that despite South Africa’s high abstention rate of 73% (see Table 10), the amount that drinkers drink in South Africa is exorbitantly high.

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How much alcohol does Black Label have?

Black Label (40 percent ABV, 80 proof) is a great introduction to the taste of scotch because it offers a nice balance of sweet and peat.

Is Black Label beer still available?

Today, Carling Black Label is still brewed at Miller breweries under contract to Pabst at Eden, N.C., and Trenton, Ohio. … This is where Carling Black Label was produced for the West Coast before brewing was shifted to Irwindale, California in July 2003.

Does Black Label beer have sugar?

The simple answer is no, beer does not contain sugar. This is surprising to many people because beer has a reputation as a beverage that will pack on the pounds and stretch out your waistline, creating the dreaded beer belly.

What is the national drink of South Africa?

For South Africans, beer and boerewors go hand in hand, and it’s not surprising that beer is considered to be South Africa’s unofficial national drink – especially during the sporting season.

What is the most sold beer in South Africa?

Lion Lager and Castle Lager, both produced by SAB, are the most popular mass-produced beer brands in the country.

Is it healthy to drink a beer everyday?

Drinking one alcoholic beverage per day or drinking alcohol on at least 3 to 4 days per week is a good rule of thumb for people who drink alcohol. But don’t drink more than two drinks per day. More than two drinks daily can increase the risk of over-all death as well as dying from heart disease.

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