Is there a shortage of chartered accountants in South Africa?

South Africa has a shortage of black chartered accountants. This situation has arisen due to a combination of political, socio-economic and related educational reasons during the four decades of apartheid rule.

Are Chartered Accountants in demand in South Africa?

In the financial services sector, the jobs that are in most demand are for financial reporting accountants, financial managers, analysts, corporate finance specialists and internal auditors.

Banking and Financial Services.

Accounting, Audit, Tax and Treasury 2020 Annual Salary
Newly-qualified CA (SA) R550 000 – R650 000

How many chartered accountants are in South Africa?

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), is a professional accountancy body in South Africa. As of August 2013, the institute has over 36 000 members.

South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Abbreviation SAICA
Headquarters Johannesburg, South Africa
Region South Africa

Is accounting being phased out in South Africa?

In July last year, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga proposed to no longer make it compulsory for accounting students to take pure mathematics. Saipa, however, disagreed with the minister.

Accounting industry loses out as SA pupils drop it to avoid maths.

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Phelokazi Mbude
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Is there a demand for chartered accountants?

With such a steep increase in the demand of Chartered Accountants, CA. Atul Kumar Gupta, President ICAI shared “It would be incorrect to say that Chartered Accountants demand accelerates only when economy is growing. In fact, their role is more important in prevailing circumstances.

Year 2019 2020
Jobs Offered 2135 2923

What is the best career in South Africa?

List Of The Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

  • Chartered Accountant. The job of a chartered accountant is not for everyone. …
  • Management Consultant. Simply put, management consultants help organizations improve their performance. …
  • Engineers. …
  • Specialist Doctors. …
  • IT Managers. …
  • Pilots. …
  • Software Engineers.

What is a CA salary?

The average salary of Chartered Accountants in India ranges from 6-7 lakhs to 30 lakhs. International packages are even higher ranging up to 75 lakhs. Last year’s stats show that the average salary of CAs in India was offered around 7.36 lakhs p.a. in the campus placement conducted by ICAI.

Which job is the most paying in South Africa?

In the video the “Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa” we look at which professions have the highest earning power.

  1. Software Engineers – R1.2 million p/a. …
  2. Pilots – R695,800 p/a. …
  3. Lawyers – R655,000 p/a. …
  4. IT Managers – R620,230 p/a. …
  5. Medical Specialists – R616,000 p/a.


How much does it cost to study chartered accountant in South Africa?

Fees range from as little as R3400 – R3740 per subject including tuition, study material and video support with your lecturer (5 hours per subject enrolled for ACCA and CIMA; 15 hours support for CIMA Conversion to CA(SA) and CFA).

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What does a chartered accountant do in South Africa?

They are the people who manage the financial affairs of businesses and help to safeguard the investments of individuals as well as those of corporate and other institutions. They act as consultants on financial matters, taxation, accounting and computer systems, estate planning and management reporting and procedures.

Is there a future for accountants?

Demand for Accountants in the Future

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for accountants and auditors are projected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029, which is on par with the projected average for all occupations.

How do I become a chartered accountant in South Africa?

Enroll at a university for a degree that is SAICA recognised to write CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accounting which is also your Honours year). A list of SAICA accredited universities can be found here. Complete your degree and obtain high enough marks to get entrance into CTA – then complete CTA.

Are accountants needed in the future?

The Future Outlook for Accountants

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 10% growth (faster than average) for accountants and auditors from 2016-2026. … Like other automation technologies (e.g., cloud computing), AI will change the focus of accountants’ roles.

Can a CA become a CEO?

If a CA has those manegerial skills, education, experience, critical thinking skills, diligence, attitude along with technical knowledge then he/she can become a CEO. … There is no such thing that only Chartered Accountant can be or A Chartered Accountant can’t be a CEO.

Is CA a stressful job?

Ans: No, pursuing CA is not a stressful job. Candidates opted for CA has to do hard work for preparing for the CA exams. They need to devote more of their time to preparations.

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Who earns more Engineer or CA?

The pay scale of a CA is always better than an Engineer. … If it is a software company or manufacturing company engineer more important so Engineers earn more salary. If it is a financial company Accountants are more important so Accountant earn more salary. The pay scale of a CA is always better than an engineer.

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