Question: How do I register my dog in South Africa?

To register puppies, you will need to join KUSA. This can be done at the same time as registering pups. Ask them for a form to register a whole litter, and a form to join. They will send them to you.

How much does it cost to register a dog in South Africa?

Registering a business is roughly R600, and litter registrations are R570 per year. Other startup costs include licensing and insurance fees. Business owners who want to keep their costs as low as possible can begin by breeding just one female dog.

Where can I register my dog in South Africa?

Register a dog with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. Register or renew an Affix (Kennel Name)

How do I become a registered dog breeder in South Africa?

Anyone can register themselves as a breeder. The only requirements are that the pay the $75 fee. They do however become accountable to the South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals1. The enforcement of these standards should stop farming and reduce backyard breeding.

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Do you need a dog license in South Africa?

No person shall keep or permit to be kept on any premises or property, any canine without a valid license.” The by-laws state further that all canine owners including government, business and private shall apply for a dog licence at the local SPCA and that the owner shall apply for one licence per dog.

How much does it cost to register AKC dog?


Registration paper late fees – add to selection above:

How much does KUSA registration cost?

10.1 Minimum Charge (Extra charge for photo copies of documents ) R 160,00 REGISTRATION (Dogs born in KUSA area of jurisdiction) Breed, Appendix/ Development or Field Trials Register and are payable to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa for the purposes set out by the Constitution & Schedules.

How do I certify my dog?

Getting Certified

You have to be able to document things such as his birth date, the size of his litter, the date you purchased him, his sex and more. You also have to provide information about his parentage, so contact your breeder and request the information if you don’t have it.

All breeders of pure breeds should be registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa, (KUSA). … Unfortunately KUSA cannot control everything breeders do. Females should not be mated every time they are in heat.

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How do I register my dogs pedigree?

To register a dog, you’ll need to have details of the pup’s dam and sire (mum and dad) and their owners. You’ll also usually have to provide the names of the puppy’s grandparents and great-grandparents. Any responsible breeder of pedigree dogs should be able to provide this information.

Can pet shops sell puppies in SA?

Can I still sell my puppies/kittens online, privately or in pet shops? … Dogs and cats can still be sold through pet shops, providing the pet shops comply with the South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals 2017, as well as South Australia’s Animal Welfare Act 1985.

Can you sell dogs without papers?

Many purebred puppies are offered for sale without registration papers, or with registration papers but no pedigree. These sellers will tell you that you don’t need papers/pedigree if you just want a pet. Papers and pedigrees, they might say, are only necessary if you want to show or breed your dog. This is false.

How many dogs can you have in SA?

You can keep two dogs on a residential property or three dogs on a rural property without a permit. Apply for a permit to keep an additional dog by completing the additional dog application below.

What dog breeds are banned in South Africa?

Take a look at this comprehensive list of the most dangerous dogs in South Africa.

  1. Caucasian Ovcharka. Image:, @obelix_caucaso. …
  2. Bull terrier. Image:, @andr_orsini. …
  3. Tosa Inu. Image:, @tosadanny. …
  4. Rottweilers. …
  5. Gull Dong. …
  6. American Bandogge. …
  7. German Shepherd. …
  8. Cane Corso.
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How many dogs can you keep at home?

Although dogs are allowed in all countries without any definitive laws, the number of these dogs are controlled. In American, for example, if you live in a rural area, the amount of dogs you can own is not restricted. However, if you live in a city, there is a general rule of two to three dogs allowed per household.

How do you dispose of a dead dog in South Africa?

Disposal of dead animals, rejected carcasses, parts of dead animals, contaminated food, food rests or any edible material must be immediately carried out when brought onto the Site by burying it in trenches and covered with at least 500 millimetres soil or other material approved by the Regional Director or a person …

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