Question: How many African countries does the equator run through?

The seven countries in Africa the equator does run through include: Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Sao Torne and Principe.

What are the 6 countries in Africa that the equator passes through?

The equator is the only line of latitude which is a great circle. The lucky countries being crossed by the imaginary line in Africa include; Gabon, Democratic republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Principe and Sao Tome.

How many countries of Africa are crossed by the equator name the countries?

Equator passes through which of the following countries in Africa? Equator passes through the land of total 11 countries of the world viz. São Tomé & Príncipe, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Indonesia, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

How close is Africa to the equator?

How far is South-Africa from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? South-Africa is 2,111.46 mi (3,398.06 km) south of the equator, so it is located in the southern hemisphere. How far is it from South-Africa to the South Pole? From South-Africa to the South Pole, it is 4,107.58 mi (6,610.52 km) in the north.

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How many countries does the equator run through?

The Equator passes through 13 countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Sao Tome & Principe, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia and Kiribati.

What country in Africa is closest to the equator?

Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: Guinea Ecuatorial; French: Guinée équatoriale; Portuguese: Guiné Equatorial), officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: República de Guinea Ecuatorial, French: République de Guinée équatoriale, Portuguese: República da Guiné Equatorial), is a country on the west coast of Central …

Which country is not located on the equator?

The landmasses of Maldives and Kiribati, however, do not touch the equator itself.

What is the smallest country in Africa?

The Republic of Seychelles is a country approximately 1500km off the coast of East Africa. It is the smallest African nation. The nation comprises of an archipelago containing 115 islands. With just 92,000 inhabitants it is the smallest sovereign country in Africa.

How many countries are on the world?

Countries and Regions of the World from A to Z

Since South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011, there are now 195 independent sovereign nations in the world (not including the disputed but de facto independent Taiwan), plus some 60 dependent areas, and several disputed territories, like Kosovo.

What is the largest island in Africa?

Madagascar is the largest African island situated in the Indian Ocean, about 450 km (280 mi) east of the coast of Mozambique.

What is it like to live on the equator?

If you live on the equator you will experience the quickest rates of sunrise and sunset in the world, taking a matter of minutes. … While tropical areas along the equator can experience wet and dry seasons, other regions may well be wet for much of the year.

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Who Found Africa?

European exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa begins with the Age of Discovery in the 15th century, pioneered by the Kingdom of Portugal under Henry the Navigator.

How long did Africa rule the world?

Africa ruled the world for 15,000 years and civilized mankind.

What cities sit on the equator?

10 Largest Cities on the Equator

  • Quito, Ecuador (0° 15′ 0″ S) …
  • Nairobi, Kenya (1°17′0″S) …
  • Cali, Colombia (3° 25′ 14″ N) …
  • Fortaleza, Brazil (3° 43′ 6″ S) …
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador (2° 11′ 0″ S) …
  • Medan, Indonesia (3° 35′ 0″ N) …
  • Singapore (1° 17′ 0″ N) …
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3° 8′ 51″ N)

Which city is closest to Equator?

Quito is the closest capital city to the equator.

How hot is it at the equator?

Average annual temperatures in equatorial lowlands are around 31 °C (88 °F) during the afternoon and 23 °C (73 °F) around sunrise. Rainfall is very high away from cold ocean current upwelling zones, from 2,500 to 3,500 mm (100 to 140 in) per year.

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