Question: How much do South Africans spend online?

Across the continent, recently released data shows South African shoppers spent an average of $109 on online purchases on consumer goods—the most among African countries. Despite ranking top on the continent though, South Africa’s spend is still nearly $400 lower than the global average.

How many South Africans are shopping online?

68% of SA consumers are shopping more online since the start of pandemic, reveals Mastercard study. A Mastercard study on consumer spending has revealed that 68% of South African consumers are shopping more online since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic.

What percentage of South Africans use social media?

YouTube and Facebook followed closely, with a penetration rate of 92 percent and 87 percent, respectively. The number of WhatsApp users in South Africa is estimated to reach 28.6 million users by 2026.

Most used social media platforms in South Africa as of the 3rd quarter of 2020.

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Characteristic Share of users

How much time does the average South African spend on their phone?

It is fairly well documented at this stage that people spend a lot of time on their phones. New research from HMD Global, pinpoints how much time is being spent staring at their Nokia Mobile phone screens by South Africans. According to the company that figure is 263 minutes on average per day.

What percentage of South Africans use WhatsApp?

Most popular mobile apps in South Africa 2020, by reach. The most popular app in South Africa was WhatsApp Messenger, with 58 percent of South African mobile phone owners using the app as of February 2020.

What do people buy most online in South Africa?

According to Bizcommunity, the three most popular online shopping categories for South African consumers were clothing/apparel (53%), entertainment/education (digital/downloadable) (51%), and event tickets (51%). So it is no wonder Superbalist and Computicket do so well.

What is the most common payment method of online shoppers in South Africa?

E-Commerce & Retail | South Africa

Take a glance the most used online payment method by South African online shoppers: Credit cards are ranked as the most used online payment method with at a rate of 45%. Debit cards are ranked as the second most used online payment method at a rate of 21 %.

What percentage of South Africans have access to Internet?

There were 38.19 million internet users in South Africa in January 2021. The number of internet users in South Africa increased by 1.7 million (+4.5%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in South Africa stood at 64.0% in January 2021.

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How many South Africans are on Instagram?

As of April 2021 there were 5.79 million Instagram users in South Africa, up from 4.31 million in April 2020. The majority of Instagram users in South Africa were female, with women accounting for 53.8 percent of the app’s audience in the country.

What percent of South Africa has Internet access?

This statistic provides information on the internet usage penetration in South Africa from 2015 to 2025. In 2020, 56.3 percent of the South African population were internet users. This share is projected to grow to 62.3 percent in 2025.

Why South Africa has a limited number of Internet users?

The Internet in Africa is limited by a lower penetration rate when compared to the rest of the world. Measurable parameters such as the number of ISP subscriptions, overall number of hosts, IXP-traffic, and overall available bandwidth all indicate that Africa is far behind the “digital divide”.

How much time do South Africans spend watching TV?

South Africans are spending an average of four hours and 12 minutes a day in front of their screens, compared to before, when people were watching TV for only an hour or two on a daily basis.

How many people have computers in South Africa?

South Africa has 5.3-million personal computer (PC) users, or 11% in a population of 47.85-million – one computer for every nine people.

Which country use WhatsApp most?

Top 10 WhatsApp countries ranked by largest audiences

Country Number of WhatsApp Users
United States 75.1 million
Indonesia 68.8 million
Russia 64.7 million
Mexico 62.3 million
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How many South Africans are using Facebook?

Facebook remains the most commonly used social media platform in South Africa, with approximately 13 million South African users, or round about 1/4 of our entire population.

Who is the owner of WhatsApp now?


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