Question: Who is the deputy minister of higher education in South Africa?

Mr Buti Kgwaridi Manamela is the Deputy Minister for Higher Education, Science and Innovation.

Who is the current minister of higher education in South Africa?

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology

South Africa Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology
Incumbent Blade Nzimande since 30 May 2019
Department of Higher Education and Training Department of Science and Technology
Style The Honourable
Appointer Cyril Ramaphosa

Who is the MEC of higher education?

Minister: Bonginkosi Emmanuel “Blade” Nzimande, Dr

Private Bag X9192, CAPE TOWN, 8000.

Who is the Minister of Nsfas?

Minister of higher education and training Blade Nzimande will on Thursday give an update on decisions made about the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

How do I contact a higher education minister?


  1. 123 Fr​ancis Baard Street. Pretoria.
  2. 0001.
  3. Department of Higher Education and Training. Website.
  5. Call Centre Information.
  6. 0800 87 2222.
  7. Email:
  8. Private Bag X174. Pretoria.
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Are colleges opening in South Africa?

“All universities will open way after the matric results are announced on 26 February,” he said. “We have given instruction for now that institutions should open between March and April 2021.”

How do you call the minister of education?

Contact Us

  1. General Enquiries. 021 483 6574.
  2. Receptionist. 021 483 6574. 021 425 5689.
  3. Head of Office. Notes: Lorika Elliott.
  4. Personal Assistant. 021 483 6571. 086 441 9431. …
  5. Media Liaison and Spokesperson. 021 483 6570. Fax: 021 425 5689. …
  6. Registry. Telephone: 021 483 6562. Email:


What does the Department of Higher Education and Training do?

The Department’s mission is to develop capable, well-educated and skilled citizens who are able to compete in a sustainable, diversified and knowledge-intensive international economy, which meets the development goals of the country.

How can I get Dhet certificate?

All applications must be done via the candidate’s examination centre. It is compulsory that candidates complete the DHET application form. Certified copies of Identity document, certificates (N4, N5, N6 & trade test) and any other supporting documentary proof, e.g. Statement of results, must accompany the application.

How do I contact funza Lushaka?

018 388 3108 nmothusi Recipients of these bursaries will be required to teach at a public school for the same number of years that they received a bursary.

Can Nsfas fund new students?

“NSFAS will now be able to release funds for new students qualifying for NSFAS bursary support. … As I already indicated, continuing students who meet the qualifying criteria have already been allowed to register,” Nzimande said.

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Will Nsfas Fund 2020 matriculants?

Higher Education, Science and Innovation Minister Blade Nzimande has announced that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is going to be funding all returning beneficiaries who meet the academic and relevant criteria to continue their studies.

Is Nsfas still open for 2021?

Applications are open now for bursaries from the government’s funding scheme, NSFAS for university and TVET College studies in 2021.

Who is the minister of arts and culture in South Africa?

Minister: Nkosinathi Emmanuel ‘Nathi’ Mthethwa, Mr.

What qualifies as higher education?

In the United States, higher education is considered any schooling beyond high school. … Higher education includes the following: Colleges and universities. When most people speak of higher education, they are referring to colleges and universities.

Who is the Minister of Transport in SA?

Incumbent. Fikile Mbalula

The Minister of Transport is a Minister of the Cabinet of South Africa who is responsible for overseeing the Department of Transport.

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