What are the African string instruments?

What is a bolon? Bolons are a chordophone instrument, making sound by way of a vibrating string or strings stretched between two points, like harps or lutes. They are the ancestors of the better known African harp the kora and the lute like Ngoni.

What are two types of string instruments in Africa?

Stringed instruments by country

  • Hhajhuj (Sentir) (North Africa)
  • Kibangala (Gabusi) (East Africa)
  • Kora (West Africa)
  • Kwitra (Kouitra)
  • Loutar (Central North Africa)
  • Nngoni (West and Central Africa)
  • Oud arbi (Northern Africa)
  • Ramkie (Southern Africa)

What instruments were invented in Africa?

The following are some instruments that are still in use (in their original and modernized forms) that you might not know are from Africa.

  • Akoting. …
  • Mbira. …
  • Kora. …
  • Balafon. …
  • Ekwe. …
  • Udu. …
  • Algaita. …
  • Marimba.


Which instrument is one of Africa’s oldest string instruments?

One of the oldest is the Gankogui, a bell instrument played by the Ewe people of Ghana.

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What are the African Idiophone instruments?


  • Percussion instrument.
  • Musical instrument.
  • Xylophone.
  • Cymbal.
  • Rattle.
  • Slit drum.
  • Jew’s harp.
  • Scraper.

What instrument has only 3 strings?

Balalaikas in all sizes. Bass balalaikas, domras with 3 and 4 strings.

What is the oldest African instrument?

The bolon is one of the oldest of the West African stringed instruments and was originally associated with the hunting and warrior traditions.

What are the 5 kinds of African music?

14 African musical styles for you to explore

  • Soukous. Soukous is a form of music that stems from rumba. …
  • JuJu. Juju style originally came from Nigeria, a country which has produced many styles that managed to spread all around West African countries, including juju, jaija, fuji, ozzidi, palm-wine, highlife and afrobeat. …
  • Mbalax. …
  • Zilin. …
  • Gnawa. …
  • Mbaqanga. …
  • Chimurenga. …
  • Majika.


What are the 5 most important features of African music?

Aerophones (wind)

  • Flutes (bamboo, horn)
  • Ocarinas.
  • Panpipes.
  • Horns from animal tusks.
  • Trumpets wood or metal.
  • Pipes being single or double reeds.
  • Whistle.

What instruments did slaves use?

In addition to their singing, slaves played a variety of instruments, including drums, musical bow, quills or panpipes, and a xylophone called a balafo. These African instruments did not have the widespread impact that another African instrument, the banjo, did.

What are the 5 types of musical instruments?

Musical instruments

There are five main instrument families: strings, woodwind, brass, keyboards, and percussion.

Did the banjo originate in Africa?

Banjo, stringed musical instrument of African origin, popularized in the United States by slaves in the 19th century, then exported to Europe. Several African stringed instruments have similar names—e.g., bania, banju.

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What is the best known drum in Africa?

The djembe is the most well-known African drum around the world.

What are Electrophones?

Electrophone, any of a class of musical instruments in which the initial sound either is produced by electronic means or is conventionally produced (as by a vibrating string) and electronically amplified. … Electronically amplified conventional instruments include guitars, pianos, and others.

What are the classification of African instruments?

Introduction. African musical instruments are classified into four groups namely; idiophones, chordophones, aerophones and membranophones.

What was the most important West African musical instrument?

( 3 types: Earth Bow, Mouth Bow, and Resonator Bow ) Resonator Bow is one of the most important musical instruments in West Africa.

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