What does MA mean in Africa?

Among speakers of the Nguni languages, used as a woman’s title: a. ‘Mrs’; ‘Mother’; ‘Ma’ (prefixed to the woman’s surname or clan name). b. (Also in the Sotho languages.) ‘Mother of’, prefixed to the first name of one of the woman’s children (especially of her first-born son).

What does the prefix Ma mean?

Prefix. ma- added to verbs and adjectives to form adjectives meaning “able to be done; fit to be done”

Is Moer a swear word?

moer – to assault (from Afrikaans ‘moor’ – to murder) (rude, often considered profanity as is Poes or doos). Also an animal’s womb, used in the phrase Gaan vlieg in jou moer! as in screw off!

What does mate mean in South Africa?

“My China” is the cockney rhyming slang for “China plate” (meaning “my mate”). In South Africa, My China means a friend/mate.

What does BVM mean in South Africa?

BVM means “Blessed Virgin Mary”.

What is Ma in Maganda?

Maganda is actually made up of the affix ma-, which means having a certain quality, and the root ganda, which means beauty.

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Is MA a slang?

pretty, cute or hot girl.

What does Dala mean?

‘ Delicious Durban lingo: Dala (dah-lah): This one is tricky, because it has more than one meaning. It could mean ‘fight’, ‘to kiss’ or ‘to do’. The most common phrase used is “Dala what you must” that means “do what you must”

What does Motjie mean?

Motjie – Girlfriend / Wife.

What does mjolo mean?

Mjolo basically means dating. It’s derived from ukujola which means to date. Therefore mjolo is the act of dating (ukujola).

What do South Africans call their girlfriends?

bokkie – (diminutive of bok, literally meaning “little buck” or “doe”) a popular term of endearment, comparable to “sweetheart”, “honey”, etc.

Why do Africans say sharp?

Sharp. Sharp [shahp] is often doubled up for effect (sharp sharp!) and means ‘goodbye’ or that everything is great.

How do you say hello in South Africa?

South Africa

  1. Zulu: Sawubona (Hello)
  2. Xhosa: Molo (Hello)
  3. Afrikaans: Hallo (Hello)
  4. English: Hello.


What do you call a person from South Africa?

They are called Afrikaners and speak Afrikaans, a language closely related to the Dutch language. The province of Natal is also home to about one million Indians, whose forefathers came to South Africa to work on the sugarcane plantations.

What does SIS mean in South Africa?

sis in British English

or sies (sɪs , siːs ) exclamation. South Africa informal. an exclamation of disgust.

What does lekker mean in South Africa?

– Lekker: An Afrikaans word meaning superb or fantastic which is applied equally to a person, object or event.

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