What is the impact of air quality in South Africa?

It contributes to breathing problems, chronic diseases, increased hospitalization, and premature mortality. The concentration of particulate matter (PM) is a key air quality indicator since it is the most common air pollutant that affects short term and long term health.

How is air pollution affecting South Africa?

Air pollution is a well-known cause of breathing problems. … In the South African city of Durban, children living in industrial areas with higher levels of outdoor air pollution have more asthma and asthmatic symptoms than children living further away from industrial areas.

Why does South Africa have bad air quality?

Across Africa, increased motor vehicle use, industrial growth and dust storms coupled with wood-fired cooking stoves is resulting in air pollution that is choking the continent’s inhabitants.

What are the air quality issues problems that affect South Africa?

In South Africa, outdoor and indoor air pollution continues to be perceived as a serious problem, with emissions for sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, benzene and VOCs, and the corresponding concentrations a cause of concern.

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Why is South Africa regarded as a major air polluter in the world?

South Africa’s reliance on coal influences its emissions policies, allowing 10 times more nitrogen oxide emissions than China and Japan, according to Greenpeace. … One of Mpumalanga’s largest towns, eMalahleni (meaning place of coal) is known for having South Africa’s worst air pollution.

How can we prevent air pollution in South Africa?

Tips to keep air cleaner

  1. Conserve electricity where you can. …
  2. Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances.
  3. Limit driving by reducing the number of trips you take in your car by carpooling, use public transportation, bike or walk when possible.

What is the most polluted city in South Africa?

Real-time South Africa Most polluted city ranking

# city US AQI
1 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 74
2 Sunset Beach, Western Cape 70
3 Sebokeng, Gauteng 60
4 Mahikeng, North West 59

How many people die from air pollution in South Africa?

In South Africa, the World Health Organisation estimates that air pollution kills at least 20 000 people a year. More than half of these deaths are caused by people burning wood and coal in their homes for cooking and heating.

What is the most safest country in Africa?

Rwanda is arguably the safest country in Africa, which is immediately apparent upon arrival in the relaxed and sophisticated capital Kigali.

Why is Africa so polluted?

According to the report, sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing a fast increasing pollution, derived from many causes, such as burning wood for cooking, open burning of waste, traffic, agri-food and chemical industries, the dust from the Sahara carried by the winds through the Sahel area, all this reinforced by a greater …

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Which are the 5 most air polluted cities in South Africa?

These areas have the worst air pollution in South Africa

  • Phalaborwa,
  • George,
  • Bellville South,
  • Cape Town City Bowl, Cape Town Atlantic Seaboard, Goodwood, Khayelitsha, Table View,
  • Bedfordview,
  • Springs-Etwatwa, Springs Central,
  • Vanderbijlpark, Olifantsfontein,
  • Thokoza, Alexandra, Buccleuch, Soweto-Jabavu, Olievenhoutbosch,


What problems of waste are there in South Africa?

According to (Nahman & Godfrey, 2010) key issues include inadequate waste collection services for a large portion of the population, illegal dumping, unlicensed waste management activities (including unpermitted disposal facilities), a lack of airspace at permitted landfills, insufficient waste minimization and …

What are South Africa’s most common environment problems?

Some environmental issues that affect Southern Africa are: water pollution, air pollution, land degradation, solid waste pollution, and deforestation.

Where in South Africa is acid rain a problem?

* Acid rain erodes buildings and monuments. Acid particles in the air are suspected of contributing to respiratory problems in people. The coal burning power stations and large metal working industries of South Africa are concentrated in the Eastern Transvaal Highveld, the industrial heart of the country.

Why is Cape Town air quality so bad?

In Cape Town the main sources of visible air pollution are vehicle emissions, industry and wood-burning, according to Lungiswa James, the mayoral committee member for health. Mountain fires in the region have also contributed to the pollution episodes.

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