What is the oldest winery in South Africa?

The oldest winery in South Africa, Groot Constantia has a long history of producing some of the best wines in the world.

What is the oldest wine estate in South Africa?

Groot Constantia is the oldest wine estate in South Africa and provincial heritage site in the suburb of Constantia in Cape Town, South Africa. “Groot” in Dutch and Afrikaans translates as “great” (as in large) in English.

When was the first wine made in South Africa?

Early Days

Jan van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape, planted a vineyard in 1655, and on 2 February 1659, the first wine was made from Cape grapes.

Who was the first wine farmer in South Africa?

South Africa might be considered a new world wine region, but its winemaking history dates back some 300 years. South Africa’s first vines were planted in 1652 by Dutch surgeon, Jan van Riebeeck, when the Dutch East India Company first landed in Cape Town.

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How old is Groot Constantia?

Groot Constantia is one of them, and as South Africa’s oldest wine farm (332 years old this year) is also one of the oldest brands in the world which has reached iconic status – something which was verified in the winning of the SA Wine Icon category in the recent Klink Awards.

Where can I buy Groot Constantia wine?

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Store Information Price and Size
Heritage Wine and Liquor Cenntenial, CO – 303-770-8212 United States $ 21.99
Wine Watch Fort Lauderdale, FL – 954-523-9463 United States $ 22.50
VinPorter 707-778-7728 United States $ 24.00
Woods Wholesale Wine Grosse Pointe Woods, MI – 313-882-5420 United States $ 24.98

What is the oldest vineyard in the world?

The Oldest Wineries In The World

Rank Winery Year Established
1 Staffelter Hof 862
2 Château de Goulaine 1000
3 Schloss Johanisberg 1100
4 Barone Ricasoli 1141

What is the best wine in South Africa?

Top 10 South African red wines

  • Malbec 2015. Mt Vernon. …
  • Syrah 2018. Glen Carlou. …
  • Skyfall Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. Bartinney. …
  • Southern Point Shiraz-Merlot 2019. International Procurement and Logistics. …
  • Royal Nymphomane 2015. La Vierge. …
  • The Best Shiraz 2019. Morrisons. …
  • Chocoholic Pinotage 2018. Darling Cellars. …
  • Syrah 2018. La Motte.


What wine is South Africa famous for?

Other red grape varieties found in South Africa include: Carignan, Gamay (often made in the style of Beaujolais wine with carbonic maceration), Grenache, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Pontac, Ruby Cabernet, Tinta Barroca and Zinfandel.

Grape varieties.

Grape Vineyards
Merlot 6.0%

Which wines are made in South Africa?

The 13 Best South African Wines to Score Right Now

  • 2017 AA Badenhorst “Ramnasgras” Cinsault Swartland ($32) …
  • 2016 B Vintners “Black Bream” Pinot Noir Walker Bay ($33) …
  • 2016 Beeslaar Pinotage Stellenbosch ($54) …
  • 2015 Klein Constantia “Vin de Constance” Constantia ($100 for 500ml) …
  • 2018 Mother Rock White Wine Swartland ($25)
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Who started the wine industry in South Africa?

The Van der Stel Era (1679–1712) The founding father of South African wines is Simon van der Stel (1639–1712), the tenth Commander and then first Governor of the Colony (Figure 2).

When did phylloxera hit South Africa?

In 1866, the phylloxera epidemic reached the Cape, causing widespread devastation that would take more than 20 years to recover from.

How many wine farms are in South Africa?

21 Wine Estates in South Africa.

Who currently owns Groot Constantia?

Jacobus van der Spuij, Wieser’s stepson purchased Groot Constantia. On 15 January the farm was sold to Jan Serrurier– three months later Jacobus van der Spuij died.

Who owns Klein Constantia?

In May 2011 the Jooste family sold Klein Constantia to Czech businessman Zdenĕk Bakala and Charles Harman from the UK. Both have been regular visitors to South Africa for the past twenty years, and together with their families now divide their time between their respective homes in Europe and Cape Town.

Who is the owner of Groot Constantia?

Meet the owners of the oldest wine farm in South Africa and learn to understand the significance of each era. In essence, we are all owners of this legacy. Contemporary documents describe Simon van der Stel, the first owner of what is now Groot Constantia, as having been born in Mauritius.

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