What region of Africa has a broadleaf evergreen vegetation zone?

African forests within the Congo Basin are generally mapped at a regional scale as broad-leaved evergreen forests, with the main distinction being between terra-firme and swamp forest types.

Where are the vegetation zones in Africa?

From north to south — from the Sahara to the humid southern coast — West Africa can be subdivided into five broad east-west belts that characterize the climate and the vegetation. These are the bioclimatic zones known as the Saharan, Sahelian, Sudanian, Guinean, and Guineo-Congolian Regions, shown in the map above.

Where is the broadleaf evergreen forest in Africa?

The Congo Basin, covering about 1800041 square kilometers, is Africa’s biggest contiguous forest and the 2nd-largest tropical evergreen broadleaf forests on Earth.

Where are the evergreen vegetation found?

Temperate evergreen forests, coniferous, broadleaf, and mixed, are found largely in the temperate mid-latitudes of North America, Siberia, Canada, Australia, Africa, Scandinavia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America, Himalayas and western ghats of India and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands.

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What are the main 3 vegetation zones in Africa?

There are five major vegetation regions: forest, grassland, tundra, desert, and ice sheet. altitude, soil, and precipitation region in which a plant best survives. rural grasslands of southern Africa.

What are the 4 vegetation zones in Africa?

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  • What are the four (vegetation) zones of Africa? The Sahara, Sahel, Savannah, and the Rain Forest.
  • Which two West African rivers were important to early civilization? The Niger and the Senegal were two very important rivers in the early civilization.
  • Early civilizations formed near these rivers. …

What is the largest vegetation zone in Africa?

The largest vegetation zone in Africa is tropical grassland, known as savanna. There are two forms of savanna. One is natural grassland.

Which are the two types of evergreen forest?

there are mainly four types of evergreen forest that are :- Tropical temperate, Mediterranean and coniferous.

What are the main features of equatorial evergreen forest?

Tropical evergreen forests are dense, multi-layered, and contain many types of flora and fauna. These forests are located in areas with heavy rainfall (more than 200 cm of annual rainfall). They are very dense. Even sunlight cannot reach the ground.

What animals are in temperate evergreen forest?

‘Temperate evergreen forests’ can be is composed of conifers along with a combination of deciduous species and evergreen species.

  • Caribou.
  • Eagles.
  • Elk.
  • Moose.
  • Owls.
  • Raccoons.
  • Reindeer.


What is a natural vegetation?

Natural vegetation refers to a plant community, which has grown naturally without human aid and has been left undisturbed by humans for a long time. This is termed as a virgin vegetation. Thus, cultivated crops and fruits, orchards form part of vegetation but not natural vegetation.

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Why Amazon vegetation is called Evergreen?

The tropical rainforests always appear green as their trees never shed their leaves at any time of the year, the way tress of Deciduous forests do. Therefore they are called an evergreen forest.

What are the main features of Mediterranean vegetation Class 7?

High alpha and high beta diversity is found in the mediterranean climate, especially in plants. Their leaves are thick, wax coated and barks. This kind of leaves help in reducing the transpiration. Mediterranean forests are adapted to dry summers due to these characteristics.

What is the main vegetation found in Africa?

The major vegetation types are desert and semi-desert scrubland, Acacia-Commiphora woodland and bushland, wooded grassland of the western Gambella region, Combretum-Terminalia woodland and wooded grassland, dry evergreen Afromontane forest and grassland complex, moist evergreen Afromontane forest, transitional …

What are the three types of natural vegetation?

Types of Natural Vegetation in India

  • Tropical Evergreen Rain Forests.
  • Deciduous or Monsoon Type of Forests.
  • Dry Deciduous Forests.
  • Mountain Forests.
  • Tidal or Mangrove Forests.
  • Semi-Desert and Desert Vegetations.


What kind of vegetation is found in Africa?

Africa’s vegetation consists of grasslands, rain forests, and a wide variety of other plant life.

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