What were European impressions of Mansa Musa and how did that impact Africa?

He spent so much gold that he caused a runaway inflation that took the city years to recover from. What were European impressions of Mansa Musa & how did that impact Africa? Europeans saw Africa as a land of gold because of what Mansa Musa did at Alexandria (he gave out gold).

How did Mansa Musa impact Africa?

Mansa Musa developed cities like Timbuktu and Gao into important cultural centers. He also brought architects from the Middle East and across Africa to design new buildings for his cities. Mansa Musa turned the kingdom of Mali into a sophisticated center of learning in the Islamic world.

What impact did Mansa make on Mali on the world?

Explanation: By traveling to Mali, Mansa Musa helped spread the thoughts of Mali a way that portrayed the power and wealth of the empire, thus he made Mali an even greater world power.

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What types of trade occurred between North Africans and West Africans?

The West Africans exchanged their local products like gold, ivory, salt and cloth, for North African goods such as horses, books, swords and chain mail. This trade (called the trans-Saharan trade because it crossed the Sahara desert) also included slaves.

Who was Mansa Musa and where did he travel What impression did he leave behind?

Answer: Musa I of Mali, Mansa of the West African empire of Mali from 1307 . … and riches—he built the Great Mosque at Timbuktu—but he is best remembered … Traveling from his capital of Niani on the upper Niger River to Walata … behaviour of his followers, did not fail to create a most-favorable impression.

How many slaves did Mansa Musa have?

Mansa Musa was the African ruler of the Mali Empire in the 14th century. When Mansa Musa, a Muslim, took a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324 he reportedly brought a procession of 60,000 men and 12,000 slaves.

Is King Solomon the richest man ever?

According to the Bible, King Solomon ruled from 970 BC to 931 BC, and during this time he is said to have received 25 tons of gold for each of the 39 years of his reign, which would be worth billions of dollars in 2016.

How rich is Mansa Musa today?

How much is Mansa Musa worth today? With camel-loads of gold and salt, Mansa Musa’s net worth has been valued by modern-day scholars to be around $400 to $415 billion in modern money.

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What was Timbuktu known for?

Timbuktu is best known for its famous Djinguereber Mosque and prestigious Sankore University, both of which were established in the early 1300s under the reign of the Mali Empire, most famous ruler, Mansa Musa. … Timbuktu’s greatest contribution to Islam and world civilization was its scholarship.

Which countries did Mali develop trade with?

Mali’s major trading partners are China and other Asian countries, neighbouring countries, South Africa, and France.

What impact did trade have on West Africa?

By providing firearms amongst the trade goods, Europeans increased warfare and political instability in West Africa. Some states, such as Asante and Dahomey, grew powerful and wealthy as a result. Other states were completely destroyed and their populations decimated as they were absorbed by rivals.

What goods did Europe trade with Africa?


  • gold, copper and diamonds were the European traded with Africa.
  • tea,coffee,rubber, tobacco were the agricultural products they promoted for trade purpose.


How did trade affect West African societies?

The size of the Atlantic slave trade dramatically transformed African societies. The slave trade brought about a negative impact on African societies and led to the long-term impoverishment of West Africa. This intensified effects that were already present amongst its rulers, kinships, kingdoms and in society.

Who was the first black king of Africa?

Mansa Musa
Musa depicted holding an Imperial Golden Globe in the 1375 Catalan Atlas.
Mansa of Mali
Reign c. 1312– c. 1337 ( c. 25 years)
Predecessor Abubakari II

Who are the descendants of Mansa Musa?

Манса Муса/Потомки

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Who was Mansa Musa and why was he important?

Mansa Musa, fourteenth century emperor of the Mali Empire, is the medieval African ruler most known to the world outside Africa. His elaborate pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca in 1324 introduced him to rulers in the Middle East and in Europe.

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