What year did South Africa beat New Zealand in rugby?

Record New Zealand South Africa
Away 57 (8 October 2016) 36 (15 September 2018)
Largest winning margin
Home 57 (16 September 2017) 17 (30 June 1928)

Did South Africa beat New Zealand in 1995?

The 1995 Rugby World Cup Final was played at Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg on 24 June 1995, with South Africa winning the match 15-12 in a very evenly matched encounter. New Zealand had been the bookmakers’ favorites before the final.

Did South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in 1995?

South Arican President Nelson Mandela, left, cheers as Springbok Rugby captain Francois Pienaar holds the trophy high after winning the World Cup Rugby Championship in Johannesburg on June 24 1995.

Which rugby team has beaten New Zealand the most?

  • Very few nations/sides. They have a positive h-h record versus every other rugby playing nation they’ve faced.
  • Australia 45 out of 170. Most frequent competitor. …
  • South Africa 36 out of 99. At 59.6%, NZ’s lowest ratio. …
  • France 12. Last in 2009.
  • England 8. Last in 2019.
  • Wales 3. …
  • Ireland 2. …
  • Rhodesia 1 (now Zimbabwe) in 1947.
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What year did South Africa win Rugby World Cup?


Year Host(s) Winner
1995 South Africa South Africa
1999 Wales Australia
2003 Australia England
2007 France South Africa

How did South Africa win the World Cup 1995?

In the final, held at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on 24 June, South Africa defeated New Zealand 15–12, with Joel Stransky scoring a drop goal in extra time to win the match.

When did South Africa last win rugby?

Rugby Championship[edit]

South Africa has won the tournament four times; in 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2019.

How many times has South Africa won rugby World Cup?

South Africa are one of only two teams, alongside New Zealand, to have won Rugby World Cup on three occasions.

How did rugby bring South Africa together?

In 1889 the Whites-only South African Rugby Board was founded. … From the outset rugby brought South Africans together. Just half a decade after the British had thrown Afrikaners into concentration camps – during the Anglo-Boer War – the two groups played alongside one another under the Springbok banner.

Why was the 1995 Rugby World Cup so important to South Africa?

It was once a symbol of division, the separation between white and black South Africa, but in the hands of one amazing man it became a symbol of hope, unity and peace. … But to bring his nation together, Mandela knew hosting, and then winning, the Rugby World Cup, would unify the divided people of South Africa.

What is the nickname of New Zealand’s rugby team?

New Zealand national rugby union team

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Nickname(s) All Blacks
Emblem Silver-fern frond
Union New Zealand Rugby
Head coach Ian Foster
World Rugby ranking

Why New Zealand called all black?

There are two versions of how the name originated. The first is that after one of the team’s big victories a certain newspaper had intended to have as its headline ‘ALL BACKS’, intimating that the forwards were playing like backs; but a typographical error actually gave the headline as ‘ALL BLACKS’.

Why is the New Zealand rugby team called All Black?

Reference to the team by the name “All Blacks” first appeared during the Originals tour when, according to Billy Wallace, a London newspaper reported that the New Zealanders played as if they were “all backs”. Wallace claimed that due to a typographical error, subsequent references were to “All Blacks”.

Which player has won the most Rugby World Cups?

Since the inception of the Rugby World Cup in 1987, a total of twenty one rugby union players have won the Rugby World Cup twice.


Name Country Years won
Jason Little Australia 1991, 1999
Os du Randt South Africa 1995, 2007
Dan Carter New Zealand 2011, 2015
Ben Franks New Zealand 2011, 2015

Who did South Africa beat in Rugby World Cup?

Low point: The team’s first Rugby World Cup appearance ended winless. South Africa lost to Australia, England and Ireland in the pool stage, conceding 179 points in the process. Samoa then beat them 43-10 in the ninth-place semi-final before a 36-0 defeat to Kazakhstan confirmed a 12th-place finish.

Who has won the most Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup has been held eight times, with both South Africa and New Zealand winning it three times, and Australia twice each. The other winner was England in 2003. England is the only nation from the northern hemisphere to have won the tournament.

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