Which East African country fought for and gained independence from its European protector?

On December 12, 1963, Kenya declares its independence from Britain. The East African nation is freed from its colonial oppressors, but its struggle for democracy is far from over.

Which European country claimed it had the right to establish a protectorate in Ethiopia in 1889?

The Italians interpreted Article XVII of the Treaty of Wichale (Uccialli), concluded in 1889 by the Italians and Menilek, as giving Italy a protectorate over Ethiopia. It is quite inconceivable that Menilek would have agreed to his historic country becoming a protectorate.

Which European country claimed it had the right to establish a protectorate?

French Protectorate in Morocco

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France officially established a protectorate over Morocco with the Treaty of Fez in 1912, ending what remained of the country’s de facto independence. From a legal point of view, the treaty did not deprive Morocco of its status as a sovereign state. The Sultan reigned but did not rule.

Which of the following landforms was East Africa once connected?

Explanation: The Great Rift Valley is the result of a divergent boundary. There are two plates that are being pushed and pulled apart in the rift valley.

Are many parts of East Africa wet and dry seasons alternate?

Instead of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, most countries in East Africa and Southern Africa have a wet season(s) and a dry season. The wet season, in particular, is at different times of the year, depending on the country/region.

Did Ethiopia beat Italy?

124 years ago, Ethiopian men and women defeated the Italian army in the Battle of Adwa. … The outcome of this battle ensured Ethiopia’s independence, making it the only African country never to be colonized. Adwa turned Ethiopia into a symbol of freedom for black people globally.

Did Italy rule Ethiopia?

Italian Ethiopia (in Italian: Etiopia italiana), also known as the Italian Empire of Ethiopia, was the territory of the Ethiopian Empire which was subjugated and occupied by Italy for approximately five years.

What were the only two independent African nations?

As the 20th century approached, Africa had been carved up among the European powers at the Berlin Conference. The two independent exceptions were the Republic of Liberia on the west coast and Ethiopia in the eastern Horn of Africa region.

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Which country was first colonized in East Africa?

Burundi, Rwanda and Tanganyika were initially colonized as German East Africa. However, Germany lost her colonies after the First World War, and the European powers which took over were doing so under a ‘League of Nations Mandate’.

What African territory did Britain control?

The British empire in Africa was vast. It included lands in North Africa, such as Egypt, much of West Africa, and huge territories in Southern and East Africa. Living under British rule in Africa was different, depending on which part of Africa you lived in.

What is East Africa’s most important crop?

Maize is Kenya’s principal staple crop, with legumes falling in second place.

Which of the following is a major reason why so many different ethnic groups live in East Africa?

Which of the following is a major reason why so many different ethnic groups live in East Africa? East Africa’s location led to trade and interaction between cultures. … One ethnic group forms the majority of the population in a country.

Which is an example of a way the economy of East Africa is changing?

Identify a way the economy of East Africa is changing. Rising foreign investment from China, resulting in improved infrastructure and increased trade. … Explorers, colonists, and traders had easy access due to East Africa’s long Red Sea and Indian Ocean coastlines.

Which countries in East Africa have high temperatures for much of the year?

Sudan, Djibouti, and Somalia have high temperatures for much of the year. High mountains such as Kilimanjaro and the peaks of the Ruwenzori Range have had glaciers for thousands of years.

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Which area of East Africa did Arabs begin to settle in the AD 900s?

According to their creation myths, Mombasa was founded by two rulers: Mwana Mkisi and Shehe Mvita. More likely the city was founded by Arab traders who settled there as they did in other cities along the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa.

What region of sub Saharan Africa has the greatest mineral wealth?

The answer is Southern Africa!!!

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