Who is the number 1 YouTuber in Africa?

Here’s a look at the most popular YouTubers in Africa based on country.

  • Tanzania – Young Tubers – 800k subscribers.
  • Ghana – RakGhana – 400k subscribers.
  • Kenya – Henry Desagu- 300k subscribers.
  • Botswana – Shree craft place – 80k subscribers.
  • Rwanda – Shangazi Emma-Claudine – 108k subscribers.


Who is the number 1 African YouTuber?

With over 5.7 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on his 200+ videos, Mark Angel is technically the biggest YouTuber in Africa.

Who is the richest YouTuber in Africa?

Today, the Mark Angel is said to be the richest YouTuber in Nigeria. What is Mark Angel’s Net Worth?

Who is the highest YouTuber in Nigeria?

Study: Mark Angel is Nigeria’s highest YouTube earner at $300,000 a month. Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer, Mark Angel is Nigeria’s highest YouTube earner, according to a study by Accredited Debt Relief.

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Who is the richest YouTuber?

Who is the richest YouTuber in the world today? The richest YouTuber in the world today is Jeffree Star with a net worth of $200 million. His net worth is 5x larger than the second richest YouTuber, PewDiePie, who has a net worth of $40 million.

How much do YouTubers earn in rands?

Rates vary on how big your channel is, but an average South African YouTuber might charge R2 000 for an Instagram post, R10 000 for a YouTube video, R1 500 for a Facebook post and R1 500 for an Instagram story.

Who is the most subscribed black person?

1. KSI

  • YouTube — 19.6M subscribers.
  • Twitter — 4.5M followers.
  • Facebook — 2.3M followers.
  • Instagram — 6.3M followers.

Who was the first black YouTuber to hit 1 million subscribers?

Despite only existing for one week and having only one video, Jack Black’s YouTube Channel, Jablinski Games, has hit the one million subscribers mark.

Which African artist has most subscribers on YouTube?

The list of top 10 Musicians with the Most YouTube subscribers in East Africa is out and Singer Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz holds the number one spot with over 5 Million Subscribers on his channel since it was started in 2011. The Star has also garnered over 1.3 Billion views on his Channel.

How do Nigerian YouTubers get paid?

Nigerian YouTubers can also get paid from brand sponsorships. This is one of the most lucrative ways of making money from YouTube in Nigeria. But then again, you need to have built your audience and have a sizeable YouTube subscriber before you can attract any brand.

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How much does YouTube pay per 1 000 views in Nigeria?

With the average YouTube pay rate hovering between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view, a YouTuber can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. Forbes also estimates that for top talent, a YouTuber can make about $5 for every 1,000 video views.

Who is the most paid YouTuber in South Africa?

Who is the richest YouTuber in South Africa? The richest YouTuber in South Africa is Caspar Lee. He earns 300,000 dollars per month from the content he creates.

How many YouTube users are in Nigeria?

In 2020, the number of social media users in Nigeria reached roughly 28 million.

Most used social media platforms in Nigeria as of the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Characteristic Share of internet users
Facebook 86.2%
YouTube 81.6%
Instagram 73.1%
FB Messenger 67.2%

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube 2020 in Nigeria?

Mark Angel

Mark angel is the most followed entertainment YouTube channel in Nigeria with 7.25M subscribers.

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