You asked: How did labor specialization lead to a diverse economy in West Africa?

in Africa, a number of specialized occupations developed ,highly skilled metal smiths developed more effcient tool that increase agricultral produtivity. they also produce improved weapons ,which became important in the expansion of kingdoms.

What is labor specialization and what does it do for Africa?

Labor specialization is the division of jobs and skills in a society. Labor specialization could include weaving textiles, working with metal, creating better agricultural tools. By 350 B.C., West Africans were making iron tools. With the help or iron tools, the people of West Africa could grow more food.

Which factor most contributed to labor specialization in West Africa?

the growth of gold trade.

How does labor specialization help a society quizlet?

How does labor specialization help a society? It allowed to preform specific and necessary jobs for their society. How have natural resources affected West African history? It prevented or allowed them to prosper and thrive.

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How did labor specialization affect the economy of African villages?

How did labor specialization affect the economy of African villages? diverse economy. … This activity brought diverse goods into West Africia, causing the Kingdoms to grow powerful and wealthy.

What is labor specialization?

Specialization of labor is most often known as the division of labor and refers to a process in business in which large tasks are divided into smaller tasks, and different employees or different groups of employees complete those tasks.

Why was music and storytelling important in African societies?

Storytelling in Africa has been manifested in many ways and was used to serve many purposes. It was used to interpret the universe, resolve natural and physical phenomena, teach morals, maintain cultural values, pass on methods of survival, and to praise God.

What role did ancestors play in African societies religion?

OLUPONA: The role of ancestors in the African cosmology has always been significant. Ancestors can offer advice and bestow good fortune and honor to their living dependents, but they can also make demands, such as insisting that their shrines be properly maintained and propitiated.

Why were storytellers important in African society?

They help people make sense of the world and are used to teach children and adults about important aspects of their culture. There is a rich tradition throughout Africa of oral storytelling. Storytelling provides entertainment, develops the imagination, and teaches important lessons about every- day life.

How does labor specialization benefit a society?

Division of Labor and Specialization is the basis for an economy to exist. Three benefits are: doing it better, no time required to switch tasks, create more effective ways to do the task. … We earn a living by doing tasks, taking our wages to purchase goods and services from other workers.

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Why was Timbuktu a great center of scholarship quizlet?

Why was Timbuktu a great center of scholarship? Mansa Musa had As-Saheli build a mosque and brought back scholars to teach there. Others can to learn from these scholars.

What is labor specialization How did it help societies like the NOK?

How does labor specialization help a society? The divisions of skills and jobs in a society allowed some people to not have to grow food, when food supplies grew. This also allowed the others (not farmers) to become experts in things like government.

Why did West Africans want to please nature spirits?

What is the most likely reason that early West Africans wanted to please nature spirits? to protect their ancestors from evil. to help them have success in battle. to increase their chances of becoming wealthy. to ensure their crops would get enough water.

What role did families play in African society?

Family plays a central role in African society. It shapes such daily experiences as how and where individuals live, how they interact with the people around them, and even, in some cases, whom they marry. It can determine a person’s political identity and the way money and property are transferred.

In which African climate region would you most like to live Why?

In which African region would you most like to live in? The rain forest.

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