You asked: Is Data expensive in South Africa?

DURBAN – SOUTH Africa is now ranked 136th worldwide for its mobile data pricing this year in a study based on the cost of 1 gigabyte (1GB) of mobile data as South African regulators try to clamp down the high costs. South Africa’s data costs an average of $2.67 (R38.

How much does 1GB of data cost in South Africa?

The report notes the average price of 1GB of mobile data in SA is $2.67 (R39), the most expensive price is $34.95 (R509) and the cheapest is $0.12 (R1. 75). The global average is $4.07 (R59).

How much does internet cost in South Africa?

South Africa ranks closest to the US, which has an average broadband price of $59. The cost of fixed internet access in South Africa is cheaper than the global average of $78.14 or R1,174.

Is data cheap in South Africa?

South Africa ranks at 148 out of 228 countries on mobile data prices in a new report. SA is cheaper than Canada and the United States – but more expensive than most of Africa. The cost per megabyte is highest for the poor, who can’t afford bulk data packages. For more stories go to

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Which country has the most expensive data in Africa?

Sub-Saharan Africa still has the most expensive data prices in the world. The region has six out of the ten most expensive countries in the world for 1GB of mobile data, including the highest priced, Equatorial Guinea; with Sudan the only African country among the top ten cheapest in the world.

Which data plan is cheapest?

As Airtel, the first 2GB plan by Vodafone Idea is priced at Rs 299. The Vodafone Idea Rs 299 plan offers daily 2GB data for a period of 28 days.

Vodafone Idea 299 Plan (Idea 2GB Plan)

Plan Vodafone Idea 299 Plan
Data 2GB per day
Cost/GB Rs 5.32
Validity 28 days

How can I make my data cheaper?

5 ways to make data cheaper in Africa

  1. Shared Infrastructure. There have been a number of interesting operator consortia and third party operators over the last three years but the momentum seems to have faltered. …
  2. Accelerate LTE roll-outs. …
  3. Wider Wi-Fi Coverage. …
  4. Electricity transmission to base stations. …
  5. The need for new business models. …
  6. More by Balancing Act.


What is the fastest Internet in South Africa?

The report by Speedtest Intelligence showed MTN achieved a speed score of 54.38 on modern mobile chipsets. The mobile service provider also offers the highest rate of 4G availability with 90.5% coverage in South Africa. Trailing MTN in second place was Vodacom with a score of 31.80.

How old is the Internet in South Africa?

The first South African IP address was granted to Rhodes University in 1988. On 12 November 1991, the first IP connection was made between Rhodes’ computing centre and the home of Randy Bush in Portland, Oregon. By November 1991, South African universities were connected through UNINET to the Internet.

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Does South Africa have good internet?

South Africa is ranked 97th in the world in average national broadband speed, according to the annual Worldwide Broadband Speed League report released by

South Africa vs Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rank Country Mean Download Speed (Mbps)
1 Madagascar 18.00
2 Réunion 16.35
3 South Africa 14.04
4 Kenya 8.20

Which network is the best in South Africa?

MTN had the highest average download speed at 64.29 Mb/s, followed by Vodacom with a speed of 32.76 Mb/s, Telkom at 27.83 Mb/s, Cell C with 20.82 Mb/s and Rain with 10.58 Mb/s. Overall, South Africa had an average mobile download speed of 33.23 Mb/s and an average upload speed of 12.71 Mb/s.

How much is unlimited data in South Africa?

Big data deals

Network Anytime Data Price
Rain 4G (10Mbps limit) Unlimited R479
Rain 5G Standard (30Mbps limit) Unlimited R699
Rain 5G Unlimited R999

What is the cheapest uncapped Internet in South Africa?

Top 10 Cheapest Uncapped Wifi Deals In South Africa

  • Afrihost. Afrihost has emerged as one of the topmost reliable providers of cheap internet services in South Africa. …
  • Axess. …
  • ITNT. …
  • Vox Telecom. …
  • Mweb. …
  • WIRUlink.


In which country Internet is cheapest?

As per the latest figures, Israel now has the cheapest internet plans in the world, priced at $0.05 per GB. Israel is followed by Kyrgyzstan, Fiji, Italy, Sudan and Russia in terms of cheapest internet plans. Collectively, these six countries offer mobile internet services at $1.2 per GB.

Which country in Africa has the cheapest data?

Malawi, Benin, and Chad recorded elevated prices for mobile data as well, positioning among the 10 countries with the highest prices for data globally. By contrast, one gigabyte cost 0.50 U.S. dollars in Somalia, the cheapest average price registered in Africa.

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Which country has free Internet?

Countries with free wifi

  • Lithuania. Lithuania may not be a top holiday destination, but this country has one of the best and the fastest wifi services. …
  • Croatia. Little do people know that this Eastern European country offers a lot in terms of free wifi services to locals and guests alike. …
  • Ireland. …
  • United Kingdom. …
  • Denmark.


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