You asked: Who has the best jollof rice in Africa?

Jollof is a rice-based dish, perfectly combined with tomato and other spices. The dish is very famous in Nigeria, Ghana and other West African countries namely Gambia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Senegal, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, and Mali.

Which country makes the best jollof rice?

Just like a good New York City slice, jollof rice in Nigeria and Ghana is ubiquitous, yet highly sought after. It’s robust and hearty with a mellow texture and blend of spices that gives it a savory taste with a hint of sweetness.

Is Ghanaian jollof rice better than Nigeria?

But for years now, Ghana den Nigeria always dey fight over de top pot in terms of which country jollof better pass. After de judges taste both plates of jollof, all three judges vote in favour of de Ghana jollof. De final results be Ghana jollof 95% and Nigeria jollof which chef Turay prepare, score 75%.

Which country did Jollof originate from?

The most adopted theory for the expansion of the dish explains Jollof Rice as having its origins in the Senegambia region of west Africa, in the ancient Wolof or Jolof Empire, during the 14th-16th century. The former empire is located in what is considered to be parts of modern-day Senegal, The Gambia, and Mauritania.

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Who won the jollof rice competition?

Sierra Leone has won the 2019 Jollof Rice Competition held in Washington, District of Columbia (DC), USA. The West African country beat off stiff competition from neighbouring nations Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana.

What does jollof rice taste like?

This dish is legendary for its smoky taste. This dish is cooked over a fire wood and allowed to burn at the bottom to give it a smoky flavour. A significant spice used in cooking the Nigerian Jollof is the bay leaf, which also adds to its rich smoky flavour.

Why is it called jollof rice?

Jollof rice derives its name from the Wolof people of Senegal. Wolof is the lingua franca of Senegal and also spoken in some parts of Gambia.

Does jollof rice make you fat?

Short answer, No! Nigerian food does not make you fat, overeating Nigerian food makes you fat. No matter how good or wholesome a diet, if you consume too much of it you will get fat. Granted it’s easier to overeat rice than it is to overeat salad, however both play important roles in overall cardiovascular health.

These dishes will blow your taste buds!

  • Jollof Rice. This is one of the most popular foods in Nigeria and is eaten in every part of the country. …
  • Garri. This is undoubtedly the popular staple food eaten in Nigeria. …
  • Pounded Yam. …
  • Egusi Soup. …
  • Suya. …
  • Akara. …
  • Moi Moi. …
  • Pepper Soup.


Which African country has the best food?

Ethiopia. Africa’s oldest independent country offers the best of both worlds: an ancient cultural heritage and a unique, delicious cuisine consisting of vegetables, spicy meat, and varieties of bread.

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How old is Mr jollof?

Mr Jollof was born on 13th August 1987, in Delta State, Which means he’s currently 33 years old as of the time of this post.

What is jollof sauce?

Product description. Jollof is a West African stew blend of red bell pepper, tomato puree, chilli, spices and herbs. … Our Jollof sauce takes plain rice to ”Party rice” in minutes with flavours so good you’ll want to chop food in seconds. Or for added twist, add the sauce to pasta or choice of vegetables.

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