Your question: Which is the busiest port in East Africa?

Kilindini Harbour Mombasa Port
Annual cargo tonnage 14 Million year 2020
Website Kenya Ports Authority

Which is the busiest port in Africa?

The port of Durban is the busiest port in Africa. In 2019, the port of Durban handled 3253 ships with a gross tonnage of 122 million gross tons. The port handled 81 million tons of cargo.

What is the busiest port on the East Coast?

The Port of New York & New Jersey is the busiest US port on the East Coast, and growing.

What was a major shipping port on the east African coast?

Kenya, Mombasa

Kenya’s Indian Ocean port of Mombasa, serving Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the eastern gateway for the Democratic Republic of Congo, is one of the most important ports in East Africa but struggles to cope with heavy throughput traffic.

Which are the biggest ports in Africa?

Top 10 Ports in Africa

  • Port Durban. This is the busiest port in Africa. …
  • Port of Richards Bay. Port Richards Bay is one of the largest ports in the entire world and is around 40 years old! …
  • Port Kenya Mombasa. …
  • Port Dar Es Salaam. …
  • 5 Port Of Beira. …
  • Port Djibouti. …
  • Port Suez Canal Container Terminal. …
  • Port Lagos.
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Which country has the most ports?

Top 50 World Container Ports

Rank Port Volume 2016 (Million TEU)
1 Shanghai, China 37.13
2 Singapore 30.90
3 Shenzhen, China 23.97
4 Ningbo-Zhoushan, China 21.60

Which is the largest port in world?

The Port of Shanghai is the biggest port in the world based on cargo throughput. The Chinese port handled 744 million tonnes of cargo in 2012, including 32.5 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of containers. The port is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River covering an area of 3,619km².

Which state has the most ports?

List by 2013 figures

Rank (by total trade) Port name State
1 Port of South Louisiana Louisiana
2 Port of Houston Texas
3 Port of New York and New Jersey Port Newark New Jersey New York
4 Port of Beaumont Texas

What are the top 10 busiest ports in the world?


  • Shanghai Port. The Port of Shanghai took over, from its Singaporean counterpart, the title of the world’s biggest port in the year 2019 handling a whopping 37.1 Million TEUs of cargo volume. …
  • Singapore Port. …
  • Shenzhen Port. …
  • Ningbo Port. …
  • Port of Busan. …
  • Port of Hong Kong. …
  • Port of Guangzhou. …
  • Port of Qingdao.


What is the busiest US port of entry?

The Port of Los Angeles is the busiest port in the US with a traffic of 9.46 million TEU in 2018.

Which is an inland port in East Africa?

October 21, 2019: Rwanda has launched East Africa’s first-ever inland port in Kigali making landlocked countries free from market barriers. Global port operator DP World and the government of Rwanda have set up a state-of-the-art logistics hub, located 20 kilometres from the capital, close to the international airport.

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How many ports are in South Africa?

As such, it manages the eight commercial seaports along South Africa’s 2 954-km coastline. These ports are Richards Bay, Durban, East London, Ngqura, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Cape Town and Saldanha.

Which seaport is the largest in Nigeria?

It is the largest seaport of Nigeria and one the biggest in west africa. Lekki port is to be expanded to have a capacity of handling around 6 million TEUs of containers and a significant volume of liquid and dry bulk uncontainerized cargoes.

Which port is the busiest in South Africa?

Durban is the busiest port in South Africa and generates more than 60% of revenue. It is the second largest container port in Africa (after Port Said in Egypt).

How many ports are in Africa?

ports in Africa (421)

What is Port called in South Africa?

Port of Durban is the main container port on the South African coastline.

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