African Poetry: Slim Emcee and Truth from Africa

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Slim Emcee is a performance poet who has performed African poetry in dozens of festivals around Africa. He calls his body of work, Truth from Africa (TFA). He attempts to depict actual stories and conditions of Africa, fighting the all-too-common negative stereotypes of the continent.

Read his story below.


Giving hope through African poetry

Giving hope through African poetry

How It All Started

I began my artistic career at a tender age as a dancer. As time went on, I felt that there were already many people involved in dance. Many friends encouraged me to become a singer. Still, I felt that the number of singers in Uganda was already big.

So I chose poetry. Since then I have been a word painter, a wordsmith of African poetry.

There has been many challenges along the way. Having a supportive family, poetry fraternity, and fans who always seen me through, has enabled me to survive. It has made me who I am today.  


Slim believes in writing history and building his legacy through passing on his talents and sharing knowledge and skills.

Slim believes in writing history and building his legacy through passing on his talents and sharing knowledge and skills.

The Alkebulan Signature in African Poetry

As an Alkebulan (African), I think it is important to share various truths about the continent before sharing things about other continents. The world out there is interested in knowing what happens here. As a writer, poet, or performance artist in general, there is always a need for me to attach the Alkebulan signature.

Working on African poetry, I do not restrict myself to a theme. The theme determines the message, mood, and reaction that I require from the audience. A piece like “I hail from Alkebulan” would give a sense of what Africa looks like and what is happening there.

One of my favourite themes in African poetry is about hope. There are hundreds and thousands of people in Africa who lack hope. All they need is to hear words or messages from someone who truly understands what they might be facing.

That is the reason as to why I wrote poems such as “I HOPE”.



Truth From Africa

Truth From Africa (TFA) came as a result of the many negative questions about Africa. As much as there are positive things about Africa, many continuously receive negative or false sentiment about the continent. That led to the birth of TFA. The West needs to understand that we bake cake, break bread, and make ice cream in Africa.

I fell in love with writing since 2002. My African poetry has always painted images around Africa. To date, I am still an African Ambassador. Appointed not by the Babylon system, but by those who believe in the messages carried within my works.                                                                                                                                 


African Poetry that Resonates with the World

My audience comes from different cultures. It is great to see how receptive they are to the Alkebulan content in my African poetry.

Word sound is power.

It can resonate with people’s minds. I am happy to receive this much appreciation for my work, be it my performance, style, or content.

In the future, I wish to take TFA, and more of African poetry, to other continents. I want more people to know what is happening here. It is time to repaint the Alkebulan canvas, which has over the years been negatively painted.



Slim Emcee has performed at Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, Laba Street Art Festival, Amakula Film Festival, Kigali Up Music Festival, Rift Valley Festival, Winam International Storytellers festival, Kisumu and many others