Appreciating Food, Appreciating Family

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We talked about food that brings back fond memories of our loved ones in the previous article. Today, I share the joy of my return home to my wife Tuma, whom I married a week after I got home from Somalia in July.

As you already know, my life revolves around food. And what better way  to share my joy with my loved ones back home other than cooking and enjoying some great food with them? “Is there more of this?’’ “What did you put in that? Oh my goodness, please teach me how to cook these!” There is nothing better than hearing those words from my family and friends.

But what do I cook? As a chef, I tend to find inspiration when I see fresh produce at the market. The smell of fresh herbs and the bright colours of vegetables and fruits captivate me, and get my creative juices flowing. From butternut to fresh celery and ginger, which can make a very nice butternut soup, to chicken, my wife’s favourite.


Meshack and food with friends


I work away from home, and at times I would just cook so I can eat. But when I’m at home, it’s a totally different story. I get to feel the love that comes with a home cooked meal – the smiles, the cheers, the joy and laughter. I also end up talking to my utensils and the food that I am cooking – it may sound weird, but that’s just how I am, all part of the home cooking process.

My wife and I share cooking duties – if I make the main course, then Tuma will make the dessert. This time, Tuma decided to make “Tambi,” which is fried vermicelli noodles cooked in milk – my personal favourite.

And then we put the food on a plate and present it – man, that feeling… No words can express it.

After we set the meal on the table, a good conversation always follows. From stories of my sister in law Brenda’s workplace, to Tuma’s stories on shoots she directs, to Manu’s stories of flying back and forth evacuating injured victims to flying billionaires all over the world. These are just some of the things I get to listen to while enjoying a meal with friends and family.


Meshack and his african breakfast


When we all sit down to a meal, we all become one amidst this diversity. We laugh at each others jokes no matter how lame they may be. Because that is how we appreciate food – and how we appreciate family.


Meshack and his wedding