Best answer: Which local government is Maitama in Abuja?

Maitama in Municipal Area Council (Federal Capital Territory) is a town in Nigeria a little north of Abuja, the country’s capital city.

How many local governments are in Abuja?

FCT administration

The Federal Capital Territory consists of 6 different Area Councils namely: Abaji, Abuja Municipal, Bwari, Gwagwalada, Kuje and Kwali. These 6 councils cover a total land area of approximately 7,290 km². The FCC-Abuja sits within the wider Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC).

What is maitama?

The Maitama district is a leafy Abuja phase 1 area located directly to the north of the Abuja city centre. It is highly developed and is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Nigeria along with Asokoro. Accordingly it plays host to plenty of the countries wealthiest individuals.

Does Abuja have local government?

The territory is currently made up of six area councils, namely: Abaji. Abuja. Bwari.

Which local government is Wuse in Abuja?

Wuse, Municipal Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Alternative Names: Wuse Region: Municipal Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Region: Municipal Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Latitude: 9° 4′ 14″ N
Longitude: 7° 28′ 3″ E
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Where is the best place to live in Abuja?

The Best Places To Live In Abuja

  • Asokoro. Asokoro is one of the most high-class districts in Nigeria. …
  • Jabi. Jabi can be considered the younger brother of Maitama and Asokoro, not quite as expensive to live in, but with pretty much all the benefits of residing in those two places. …
  • Gwarinpa. …
  • Lokogoma. …
  • Jahi. …
  • Apo. …
  • Life Camp.


Which local government is biggest in Nigeria?

The local government is the largest local government in Nigeria and west Africa in particular.

Toro, Nigeria
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

Where is maitama located?

Maitama is located in: Nigeria, Abuja Capital Territory, Abuja, Maitama.

Which local government is maitama?

Maitama in Municipal Area Council (Federal Capital Territory) is a town in Nigeria a little north of Abuja, the country’s capital city.

Is Abuja better than Lagos?

Abuja is a lot more expensive and most people have to run to live in the suburbs, however Lagos too has the same, the distinction between living on the island and the mainland. In conclusion, its better to experience Lagos, get used to the initial shock and later decide to go try out Abuja.

How safe is Abuja?

Stay safe[edit]

Abuja tends to be a sharp contrast against the background of the rest of Nigeria. While car hijackings and armed robbery are high in Lagos, and kidnapping of foreign oil workers is prevalent in the Niger delta, Abuja in sharp contrast, is one of the safest metropolitan cites in Nigeria.

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What is Abuja known for?

Major religious sites include the Nigerian National Mosque and the Nigerian National Christian Centre. The city is served by the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. Abuja is known for being one of the few purpose-built capital cities in Africa, as well as being one of the wealthiest.


What is it like to live in Abuja Nigeria?

Abuja is pleasant. The Harmattan in the winter is dusty, and the dry season following quite hot, but with the summer rains life outside becomes cooler. Expat communities are tight, and it is easy enough to meet people, although I mostly hang out with Nigerians, but that is my personal choice, not a necessity.

Which state has the highest local government?

The State with the highest local government in Nigeria is Kano State with the total number of 44 local government areas, while the FCT has 6 local government areas followed by Bayelsa state which has 9 LGAs.

How far is abaji from Abuja?

The geographical distance between Abaji and Abuja is 89 km (55.2 miles, 48 nautical miles).

Airline Route Distance and Flight Time from Abaji to to Abuja,

Distance Flight Speed Flight Time
89 km 900 km/h 5.9 minutes
89 km 700 km/h 7.6 minutes

Where is Yab in Abuja?

YAB – Yaba

The top left corner bears the Nigerian flag or the coat of arm. The state name and slogan is displayed at the top centre of the plate, and the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” is written at the bottom.

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