Can I use American driving license in Kenya?

According to the Traffic Act of the Laws of Kenya Section 31, You will need to be issued with a driving license here in Kenya for you to be able to drive in Kenya as a foreigner. You will not need to do any driving tests if you come from the Commonwealth countries or if you hold an international driving license.

Can I drive in Kenya with a US license?

If you are a member of a Commonwealth country, you don’t need an international driving license to drive in Kenya. You can use the driver’s license from your country of origin but you still need to convert it into a Kenyan driving license.

Which countries accept US driving license?

U.S. driver’s licenses are valid in both Canada and Mexico. But many other countries do not recognize U.S. driver’s licenses, according to the U.S. State Department.

Is AA Driving License International?

AA Membership will give you access to motoring information as well as avail to you documents that make your driving in foreign territories easy. AA being the only authorized issuer of the International Driving Permits and Carnet de Passage (car passport) will guide you if you plan to drive while abroad.

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Does Kenya accept international drivers license?

An International Driving Permit is a translation of your national driving license. The IDP allows motorists to drive vehicles in foreign countries. You must always have your IDP along with your national license at all times. To get an International Driving Permit in Kenya, visit AA Kenya.

Can you drink tap water in Kenya?

Tap water is safe to drink unless otherwise indicated. Bottled mineral water is also widely available.

Where can you not overtake in Kenya?

Do not overtake when you cannot see the road ahead, at a corner or a cross-road or around a bend. Beware of “Go Ahead” signals given by persons other than the driver.

Can I convert my international driving license in USA?

Some US states have so called reciprocity agreements with other countries. This means that if your driving permit has been issued in one of these countries, you will be able to simply exchange it for a US driving license of that state (and typically vice versa) without having to take any tests.

Is US driving license valid in Europe?

Driving in Europe with US licenses is acceptable in most countries, but a select few disallow it. Make sure you look into what countries you can and cannot visit with your US driver’s licence, and keep in mind, an international licence can come in handy either way.

Can you drive in another country with a US drivers license?

Your IDL/IDP lets you drive legally in foreign countries when accompanied by your valid US driver’s license. It is recognized in 174 countries. … An IDP can be issued immediately at an AAA branch or may take 10-15 business days by mail from AAA or AATA. An IDP is valid for one year.

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How long does an international driving license last?

How long does an IDP last? IDPs are valid for 1 to 3 years depending on the type of IDP required for your destination country. A 1968 IDP is valid for 3 years or until the expiry of your driving licence, whichever is sooner.

How much is an international driving license?

You can get an IDP over the counter at the Post Office. They cost £5.50 and you must: live in Great Britain or Northern Ireland. have a full UK driving licence.

How much is international drivers license in Kenya?

International driving license Kenya cost

The costs of acquiring an international driving license are; 1 year 3,480 for a citizen and 6,480 a non-citizen. 2 years 8,916 for a citizen and 11,916 a non-citizen. 3 years 12,960 for a citizen and 15,960 a for a non-citizen.

How do I apply for an international driver’s license?

4. Documents required for application

  1. Valid driving Licence & its copies.
  2. Recent passport size photographs – 3 Nos.
  3. Valid proof such as Passport & its copies.
  4. Proof of Visa and its copies.
  5. Copy of Air ticket for verification.
  6. Receipt for payment of fees.
  7. An application for IDL in Form – 4A.
  8. Medical certificate in Form 1A.


How can I get interim driving Licence in Kenya?

How To Apply For An Interim Driving License In Kenya

  1. Log in to your eCitizen portal or create an account first if you don’t have one.
  2. Go to the National Transport and Safety Authority tab, click on get service.
  3. Click on ‘Make Application’
  4. Select ‘Driving Licenses’, then click on option three (Driving Licence NC) and apply.
  5. Correctly fill in the information below.
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How do I get an IDP?

The IDP must be issued in the same country as the driver’s license. In the case of a driver’s license being issued in the United States, the IDP must also be issued in the United States. Contact your nearest AAA office to obtain an IDP.

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