Frequent question: Can you see Reunion Island from Mauritius?

How long is the flight from Mauritius to Reunion?

Information of Mauritius St Denis De La Reunion Flight

Aerial distance 231 KM
Shortest Time of flights from Mauritius to St Denis De La Reunion 00h 45m
Airport codes flights from Mauritius to St Denis De La Reunion Mauritius-MRU,St Denis De La Reunion-RUN
Time of Mauritius to St Denis De La Reunion flights 01h 00m

Is reunion part of Mauritius?

Reunion (French: Réunion [1]) is a French overseas island located in the midst of the Indian Ocean, 700 kilometers east of the island of Madagascar , and 200 kilometers South-West of Mauritius. The island was previously known as île Bourbon.

Time Zone UTC +4

What country does Reunion Island belong to?

The remote Indian Ocean island of Reunion lies between Madagascar and Mauritius. As a French overseas territory, it has the same political status as other departments in mainland France. Densely-populated and ethnically diverse, the island’s capital of Saint-Denis is home to one-fifth of the population.

Is La Reunion safe?

Réunion is generally safe but robberies do occur. Don’t leave valuables on display in the rental car or on the beach. Swimmers should be aware of Réunion’s strong currents and riptides.

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How do I contact Air Mauritius?

A passenger requiring special assistance e.g. wheelchair, meet and assist service or any other requests must call the Air Mauritius Contact Centre (+230 207 7575) where one of our agents will be happy to assist you. Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed.

Is it illegal to swim in Reunion?

Where can you go swimming on Reunion Island ? Due to the particularly abundant marine wildlife, swimming, water sports and diving are forbidden within a perimeter of 300 m around the Reunion Island coastlines. The Reunion Island lagoons are protected by a coral reef.

Can you swim in Reunion?

Swimming in the lagoon in Reunion Island

Due to the abundance of marine life in the waters surrounding the island, swimming and surfing in the open ocean is forbidden. … Instead, head to the West Coast, where the lagoon offers a protected environment for swimming, snorkelling, supping and kayaking.

Is English spoken in Reunion Island?

As in the rest of France, the official language of Réunion is French. In addition, a majority of the region’s population speaks Réunion Creole.

What language do they speak in Reunion Island?

The language in common use on the island is Réunion French Creole, and Tamil is also spoken by some people; French, however, is the official language.

How big is Reunion?

970 mi²

Which island is part of France?

By area

Name Location
1 New Caledonia’s mainland (Grande-Terre) New Caledonia
2 Corsica Mediterranean Sea
3 Grande-Terre Kerguelen Islands
4 Réunion Réunion

When should I visit Reunion Island?

When to go

Réunion has a hot sub-tropical climate with sea temperatures that rarely drop below 23°C. The dry season is May to October, with temperatures 20-25°C. November to March is more humid, with most rain and occasional cyclones in January and February.

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What is the currency of reunion?


Where is La Reunion island located?


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