Frequent question: Does Amazon Kindle work in Nigeria?

Well, Amazon does not support the Nigerian currency so you will have to create the Payoneer account. It works as the bank account where you receive the payments and then you are able to withdraw the money according to Nigerian currency.

How much is Kindle in Nigeria?

Amazon Kindle price is currently $79.99 (39,800 Naira) with Ads or $99.99 without Ads.

How can I buy Kindle books in Nigeria?

Changing your IP address

  1. First go to the Amazon store with your computer and look for the book you want to buy.
  2. Connect to your VPN service to change your ip.
  3. Ensure that your 1-click settings already have the US card and address added to it.
  4. Buy the book using 1-click button.
  5. The kindle book will be added to your cloud.


Can I use Amazon in Nigeria?

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria? While it is true that Amazon delivery to Nigeria is possible, you cannot visit this platform and purchase just any product sold on it with direct shipping to your home. This can be impossible in many situations.

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Can Nigerians buy ebooks from Amazon?

Also note that Nigerians can not buy your books on Amazon so publish it as well on to be able to sell to Nigerians.

How much is Amazon tablet in Nigeria?

With a sharp display and hands-free Alexa integration, Amazon’s 10-inch Fire HD 10 tablet is the best value for your dollar under (NGN) 54,000 naira.

How much is an Amazon Kindle?

Compare Kindle E-readers

Kindle Kindle Paperwhite
1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription Sold separately starting at $2.99/month Sold separately starting at $2.99/month
Cover Sold separately Sold separately
Flush-front design
Waterproof (IPX8)

How do I get paid from Amazon in Nigeria?

Open a new tab and login into your Amazon affiliate account. Navigate to settings, look under “Payment and Tax Information,” choose the “Change payment method.” Now, from the page, choose “Direct Deposit” as your payout option. Select “United States” as the country where your bank is located from the list.

Where can I buy e books?

Your Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Ebooks

  • Amazon Kindle. The largest online book retailer in the world, Amazon has many options for purchasing ebooks via their Kindle platform. …
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Store. …
  • Kobo. …
  • iBooks. …
  • Google Play Books. …
  • Scribd. …
  • Playster. …
  • Bookbub.


Are Kindle books available in Africa?

<p>As of October, Amazon’s e-book reader Kindle was made available to South Africans, and even the company’s director of Kindle Books, Laura Porco, arrived in…

How much is Amazon delivery to Nigeria?

You’ll normally have to pay around ₦4,000 NGN to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Nigeria, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky. Most Amazon packages in Nigeria will be delivered by Nigerian Postal Service.

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Why is Amazon not shipping to Nigeria?

Amazon itself isn’t responsible for deciding on shipping to Nigeria but the seller on Amazon are the ones who decides on which country to ship to or not. It also depends on the kind of product that you want to order from Amazon, Products like flammables, explosives won’t definitely be shipped to Nigeria.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Nigeria?

The cheapest way to ship to Nigeria involves the courier with the best rates for your specific shipment. All major US couriers ship to Nigeria.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria: UPS Vs USPS vs FedEx vs DHL.

Service Transit Time Estimated Cost
USPS Priority Mail International 8 working days $59.20

How do I publish a book from Amazon to Nigeria?

How to Start Amazon Kindle Publishing In Nigeria

  1. Select a Niche.
  2. Research Your Keyword.
  3. Write Your Book.
  4. Create A Front and Back Cover.
  5. Register on Amazon Kindle.
  6. Publish Your eBook.
  7. Market Your eBook.


Where can I sell eBooks online in Nigeria?

You can sell your eBooks on per-existing online stores such as Amazon, Clickbank, Konga, Jumia stores.

Copyright Registration Process

You can register a copyright with the NCC by submitting a completed registration form, along with two (2) copies of the work, and evidence of payment of the prescribed fee. Registration can be done online or physically at the NCC office.

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