Frequent question: How do I withdraw money from SportPesa account in Kenya?

SMS to 15888 ; W#1200#8888 – where W stands for Withdraw, 1200 is the amount of money you wish to withdraw and 8888 is the SportPesa pin you received upon registration. Note: The withdrawal format is standard across all mobile money service providers.

How do I withdraw money from SportPesa account to mpesa?

How To Withdraw Money from SportPesa to Mpesa Online

  1. Use your username (phone number) and password to login to your SportPesa account on
  2. From the top-right corner, click on Withdrawal, enter amount to withdraw money from SportPesa to Mpesa.
  3. Click on WITHDRAW. Wait for the Mpesa transaction SMS.


How do I withdraw money from SportPesa Kenya?

To withdraw your money, log into the SportPesa account using the SportPesa app or website, click on withdraw, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select Okay. That’s it. Your money will be transferred to your Mpesa wallet within seconds.

How do I withdraw money from SportPesa to Tigo Pesa?

How to withdraw money from Sportpesa to M-Pesa through SMS

  1. Go to messages and create a new text message.
  3. Send this message to 79079.
  4. You will then receive a message confirming that you’ve withdrawn money from your SPORTPESA account and your M-PESA account will reflect that.
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How much can you withdraw SportPesa?

There is no set maximum withdrawal amount per day but withdrawal requests may not exceed: (a) Your particular mobile operator limits; (b) Amounts greater than Kshs 500,000/=, may require additional arrangements as the Company may consider necessary.

Can I bet with SportPesa in Kenya?

We offer both local and international games for betting. You can place your bets via sms to 29050, or via the SportPesa android app, or online on or via USSD by dialing *790#. … Play on the Jackpot and the Mega jackpot for only KSH 99.

Does SportPesa cash out?

Take full control of your bets with our live betting option that let you Cash Out in full or make a partial cashout on live bets. Keep track of your bets and Cash Out before the final whistle with SportPesa Sportsbook.

Does SportPesa still exist in Kenya?

Kenyan betting brand Sportpesa is set to return to business in its home country under a licence held by a new operator, Milestone Games. “I’m happy to announce that the SportPesa brand is back under a new [Betting Control and Licensing Board] BCLB license holder. …

Is SportPesa working in Kenya now?

Leading sports betting operator SportPesa has made an official return in Kenya after a year since it left the country in October, 2019. Update (31/10/20): The Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) has suspended Milestone Games Limited’s right to use the ‘SportPesa’ trademark – read more details here.

How do I withdraw money from mpesa?

Withdraw from M-PESA

  1. Confirm the agent has sufficient funds for your transaction.
  2. Give your phone number and show your original ID.
  3. Go to your M-PESA menu, select ‘Withdraw cash’.
  4. Enter the Agent number, the amount you wish to withdraw and your PIN.
  5. You will receive a screen with the above transaction details.
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How much can you withdraw from Betika?

Choose the best method that suits you for Betika Withdrawal. You should note that minimum daily withdrawal is Ksh 50 and Maximum daily withdrawal is Ksh 70,000. You can only withdraw Kshs. 70,000 daily.

How many times can you bet on Sportpesa jackpot?

Yes you can bet on the Sportpesa Jackpot as many times as possible. 15.

What is the minimum amount to bet on Sportpesa?

The minimum amount to bet with at Sportpesa is Ksh49 while the maximum amount is Ksh 20,000. This implies that if you try to bet with Ksh48 your bet will be rejected.

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