Frequent question: How much is unlimited data in Ethiopia?

Ethio telecom is offering unlimited data, voice & SMS package for 3200 birr/month.

How do I get unlimited data on Ethio Telecom?


  1. You can subscribe to the service via Ethio Gebeta *999# or by visiting our shops.
  2. All prices are VAT inclusive.

How do I buy data on Ethio Telecom?

Mobile DATA Package

Dial *999# to buy for yourself or to send it as a gift to your beloved ones.

How can I buy Internet in Ethiopia?

Use the following steps to buy mobile internet packages: Dial *999# —-> enter 1 for package offer —-> enter 1 for yourself —-> enter 2 for internet package —-> package type (enter 1 for daily, 2 for weekly & 3 for monthly) —-> then select your preferable package offer.

What is Flexi package in Ethiopia?

Flexi mobile package is a flexible package service that enables users to use any of the services i.e., voice, internet, or short message within the same subscription. … Likewise, six flexi units are equivalent to one-minute local voice call and 2 flexi units are enough to use one mega byte internet.

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What is a flexi package?

Flexible packages are the ones made from elastic—flexible materials which are easily formed after filling them with a product. The main material used in production is plastics (Figure 23.1). To the flexible packages belong films and flexible laminates used as wrapping of the product and the package.

What is flexy package?

We are delighted to introduce Flexi mobile package, a plan that gives you the flexibility of using your purchased packages for Voice, Data and SMS as per your needs.

How do I register my phone in Ethiopia?

Users can dial star has 06 hash to identify their phone’s IMEI number and dial star 868 hash to use the available registration alternatives, according to Ethio Telecom. The new system will bond the mobile apparatus with the SIM card of the particular user on the IMEI.

What is Ethio Telecom service?

Ethio telecom, previously known as the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), is an Ethiopian telecommunication company serving as the major internet and telephone service provider. Ethio telecom is owned by the Ethiopian government and maintains a monopoly over all telecommunication services in Ethiopia.

How do I get credit from Ethio Telecom?

How can I use the service?

  1. Via SMS : Send A, L or C to 810 , follow the menu to get the desired mobile package credit.
  2. Via USSD: Dial *810# & follow the instruction to get the desired package on credit basis.

Can I use my cell phone in Ethiopia?

Yes. Be aware all ETC sim cards are normal size. So if ur phone takes micro it has to be cut down to size. If the seller cannot do it, the city is full of mobile phone shops that will do it.

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How much does WiFi cost in Ethiopia?

The price of Internet 8 Mbps (1 month) in Addis Ababa is 933 Birr. This average is based on 21 price points. It can be considered reliable and accurate.

Does Ethiopia have Internet?

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa with more than 105 million citizens. However, it has relatively low Internet connectivity with less than 15% of its population having access to the Internet. Even those having access to the Internet pay, access is expensive and often unreliable.

What is Flexi?

(ˈflɛksɪˌtaɪm ) or flextime (ˈflɛksˌtaɪm ) a system permitting flexibility of working hours at the beginning or end of the day, provided an agreed period of each day (core time) is spent at work. Also called (informal): flexi.

How can I activate my Ethiopian SIM?

How to get started with a new mobile service:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your handset.
  2. Enter your PIN (if requested).
  3. Please dial 989 to activate your prepaid service and follow the instructions.

How can I send mobile card to Ethiopia?

Rebtel works with Ethio Telecom, the only Ethiopian network operator, so you can send mobile top ups to any phone in Ethiopia.

Send airtime to Ethiopia

  1. Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  2. Select the credit offer you’d like to send.
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Complete your order and you’re all set!
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