Frequent question: Where can I buy chocolate in Ghana?

What is the best chocolate in Ghana?

Chocolate favorites in Ghana

The best brands of chocolate include 57 Chocolate, founded by two Pan-African sisters who are reawakening Ghana’s 1957 ‘can do’ spirit by introducing artisanal chocolate with no artificial flavors, colours and preservatives.

Where can I buy niche chocolate in Ghana?

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  • Physical Location. Niche Cocoa Industry Limited. PMB 125, Community 1. Tema, Ghana.
  • Location. Tema Free Zones Enclave. Off Aflao Road. Tema, Ghana.
  • Telephone. +233 (0) 200 700014.
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  • Facebook. nichecocoa.
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Is chocolate made in Ghana?

Ghana’s cocoa beans have long had a worldwide reputation for high quality. … Ghana produces up to 950,000 tonnes of cocoa beans every year, about one-quarter of the world’s supply, but the West African republic makes very little of the world’s chocolate.

How much does it cost for chocolate?

The price for chocolate candy outpaced non-chocolate in 2019, averaging 2.27 U.S. dollars per unit compared to 1.88 for non-chocolate. In private label, chocolate candy was also priced higher than non-chocolate, although the spread between prices was greater.

What is Ghana chocolate?

Ghana (Katakana: ガーナ, Korean: 가나) is a brand of chocolate manufactured by the Japanese company Lotte Confectionery since 1964 and Korea since 1975. … Ghana has four kinds of chocolate wrapped in red, black, white and beige.

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How do you buy cocoa?

We run through the most common and accessible methods:

  1. Invest in cocoa ETFs. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) allow you to invest your money in a variety of assets rather than focusing your investments in one or two firms. …
  2. Purchase stock in cocoa companies. …
  3. Purchase cocoa futures.


Does Ghana Export chocolate?

Chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa. Exports of commodity group 1806 “Chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa.” amounted to 0.197% of total exports from Ghana (cumulative merchandise exports from Ghana totalled $ 16.7 billion in 2019).

How is Ghana chocolate made?

The cocoa tree – also known as the cacao tree – grows in countries with a subtropical climate, such as Ghana. The tree starts producing cocoa pods when it is five years old. … After ripening for a few days, the pods are opened and the cocoa beans are taken out. Each pod contains 40-50 cocoa beans.

Why is chocolate so expensive 2020?

Two countries in West Africa, Ivory Coast and Ghana, produce 60% of the world’s cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate. … The cocoa cartel would use their control of the market to leverage higher prices when selling their product, and in turn, increase wages for cocoa farmers.

What is the average price of chocolate in 2020?

This statistic depicts the average annual prices for cocoa from 2014 through 2025*.

Average prices for cocoa worldwide from 2014 to 2025 (in nominal U.S. dollars per kg)

Characteristic Price in nominal U.S. dollars per kilogram
2021* 2.44
2020* 2.4
2019 2.34
2018 2.29
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Why is good chocolate so expensive?

Premium beans and fair farmer wages come at a premium cost.

In this case, the cost is shouldered by hardworking cocoa farmers, many of whom make less than a dollar a day for growing, harvesting, drying and fermenting the precious beans that are central to the final product.

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