Frequent question: Which bank in Uganda controls other banks?

Commercial Banking Department is charged with the supervision of commercial banks while NBFI supervises credit institutions, Micro Deposit Taking Institutions and other non-bank financial institutions under the mandate of Bank of Uganda.

Which bank controls all banks in Uganda?

The Bank of Uganda (BoU) is the Central Bank of the Republic of Uganda. It was opened on the 15th August 1966. It is 100% owned by the Government of Uganda but it is not a government Department.

What is the best bank in Uganda?

Top 10 Best Performing Banks in Uganda 2021

  • Stanbic Bank of Uganda. …
  • DFCU Bank. …
  • Centenary Bank of Uganda. …
  • Standard Chartered Bank of Uganda.
  • Barclays Bank of Uganda. …
  • Bank of Baroda Uganda Limited.
  • Citibank Uganda.
  • Equity Bank of Uganda.

Which is the biggest bank in Uganda?

Top 10 Banks in Uganda by Assets

  1. Stanbic Bank. Stanbic bank is currently the biggest and largest bank operating in Uganda. …
  2. Dfcu Bank. …
  3. Bank of Baroda Uganda. …
  4. Citibank Uganda Ltd. …
  5. Equity Bank. …
  6. Housing Finance Bank. …
  7. Bank of Africa Uganda.
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Which bank is international in Uganda?

International Banking

Bank of Baroda (Uganda) Limited is serving the people of Uganda since 1953.

What is the richest bank in Uganda?

These are the top 10 richest banks in Uganda 2019.

  1. Stanbic Bank.
  2. DFCU Bank. …
  3. Standard Chartered Bank. …
  4. Barclays Bank of Uganda. …
  5. Centenary Bank. …
  6. Bank of Baroda Uganda Limited. …
  7. Citibank Uganda. …
  8. Housing Finance Bank. …

Which bank is best for savings account in Uganda?

Dfcu bank pays seven per cent per annum on maximum savings. Commercial Bank of Africa Uganda (CBAU) will also pay you seven per cent per annum. Barclays bank seems to have the best deal; it pays up to nine per cent per annum if you open a savings account with them.

Which is the cheapest bank in Uganda?

Finance Trust Bank has one of the lowest minimum balances for savings account at Shs2, 000 while Centenary, dfcu and Bank of Africa set theirs at Shs5, 000. For fixed deposits, Diamond, Ecobank, Equity, Orient and UBAU have their minimum balances at Shs5m.

What is the oldest bank in Uganda?

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Charted Bank Uganda Limited was established in 1912, making it the oldest of the banks in Uganda.

How much do bank tellers earn in Uganda?

A person working as a Teller in Uganda typically earns around 1,000,000 UGX per month. Salaries range from 460,000 UGX (lowest) to 1,590,000 UGX (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much is needed to open a bank Uganda?

Currently a minimum capital of UGshs. 10 billion is required to start a commercial bank company.

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How many bank accounts are in Uganda?

As of January 2020, according to Uganda Bankers Association, there were 13 million bank accounts in Uganda and 11,000 banking agents countrywide.

Which is the best bank in Africa?

Top Banks in Africa

Rank Bank Country
1 Standard Bank Group South Africa
2 Absa Group South Africa
3 FirstRand South Africa
4 Nedbank Group South Africa

What is the name of international bank?

Top International Banks

Rank Bank Number of Employees
1 JPMorgan Chase & Co 243,355
2 Bank of America Corp 208,000
3 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China 461,749
4 Wells Fargo 269,100

What are the commercial banks in Uganda?

List of Commercial Banks in Uganda

  • United Bank for Africa (Uganda) Limited.
  • Tropical Bank Limited.
  • Stanbic Bank.
  • Orient Bank.
  • NC Bank Uganda Limited.
  • KCB Bank Uganda Limited.
  • Imperial Bank.
  • Housing Finance Bank.
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