How can I check my Mauritius work permit online?

How can I check my Mauritius work access permit?

How can I check the status of my application? Please log in to using your ID (NIC/BRN) to view the status of your application.

How do I renew my work permit in Mauritius?

Applications for Work Permit should be submitted two months prior to the expiry of the current Work Permit. You will receive a notification issued automatically by the e-Work Permit System two months before the Work Permit expires reminding you to submit an application for renewal.

How can I get work permit in Mauritius?

Requirements to Obtain a Mauritius Work Permit

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Four passport photos.
  3. Copies of the data pages of the applicant’s passport.
  4. A completed data sheet.
  5. Copies of the professional and academic qualifications of the applicant.
  6. A description of the job issued by the employer.

How do I cancel my Mauritius work access permit?

Cancel Work Permit.

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Login the e-work permit website Link with the credentials (email address/password), you will then be automatically directed to the Dashboard section, click on the “Work permit” then select “Cancellation“ and then select “Cancel Work Permit“ from the extended drop box.

How do I register a company in Mauritius?

Application for incorporation. Register a business / Incorporate a company: Step 1: Register with the MNS online to obtain a username and password. Step 2: Register the business and incorporate your company by filling in the relevant application form and by uploading required documents.

What is BRN number in Mauritius?

For entities: As soon as they are created, the Mauritian entities (and individuals carrying out business activities) have an identification number, the Business Registration Number (BRN) issued by the Central Business Registration Department, a governmental authority.

How long does it take to get a work permit in Mauritius?

How will you get the work permit? A work permit in Mauritius will come in the form of a card obtained from the ministry of labour. This must be collected from the ministry upon arrival of the expatriate — usually within two days.

Can I live and work in Mauritius?

Non-citizens wishing to either work, retire or otherwise reside in Mauritius can choose between an Occupation Permit, a Residence Permit or a Permanent Residence Permit. An Occupation Permit, is a combined work and residence permit.

How can I get residence permit in Mauritius?

Any non-citizen holding a valid work permit in Mauritius may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit if drawing a basic monthly salary of at least MUR 150,000 during 3 consecutive years immediately preceding the application for a Permanent residence Permit.

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Which jobs are in high demand in Mauritius?

Top jobs on the market

  • Web developer.
  • E-Reputation Specialist/ Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Talent Acquisition Management.
  • Food and Beverages Management.
  • Project management/ Complexe management / Facilitaty management.
  • SEM Specialist.
  • Community Manager.

What is the basic salary in Mauritius?

The salary range for people working in Mauritius is typically from 12,798.00 MUR (minimum salary) to 58,611.00 MUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries vary drastically among different job categories.

What is a good salary in Mauritius?

Average Salary / Mauritius. Average salary in Mauritius is 1,090,107 MUR per year. The most typical earning is 278,251 MUR.

How does the work permit work?

Work permits indicate the duties and location where the work will be done as well as the number of hours a minor may work. In most cases it is a two-step process, the minor along with the parent/guardian and employer fill out the B1-1 form and submit to the school local to the minor’s address.

What is type of work permit?

What are the types of Work Permits? There are seven main types of work permits: Hot Work Permits, Cold Work Permits, Height Work Permits, Confined Spaces Work Permits, Excavation Permits, and Chemical Work Permits. Each work permit is categorized depending on the nature of the job and the hazard involved in it.

Where do I send my work permit application?

Temporary resident applications (visitor visa, study permit or work permit)

  1. apply through an IRCC office or,
  2. a visa application centre.
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