How can I open M form in Nigeria?

The e-Form M can be obtained on the Federal Government of Nigeria Single Window for Trade portal or through the assistance of the importer’s Authorized Dealer Bank.

How do I apply for E-Form M?

How to obtain an E-Form M

  1. Submit your E-Form M application online to an Authorized Dealer Bank along with the following attached documents:
  2. Upon receipt of the Form M with the necessary attached pre-import documents as detailed above the NCS will review the application and either accept or reject it within one working day.


How long is Form M valid for?

The life span of a Form M is 180 days (for general merchandise) and 365 days (for plant and machinery), after which an extension of 180 days (for general merchandise) and 365 days (for plant and machinery) can be granted on the Form M by the Authorized Dealer.

What is Form M and BA number?

Banker’s Acceptance Number specifies the amount of money, date and the person to whom the payment is due. The Banker’s Acceptance Number is indicated in the Form M issued to the Importer. The Applicant should provide Intertek with the BA No. during SONCAP Certification Process.

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Is Form M required for Form Q?

Yes. All wire transfers (Domiciliary Transfers & Form Q) for purchase of goods will be supported by Form Ms. going forward. The form M must be Valid for forex since FX is sourced officially.

What is Form M for?

An E-Form M is a mandatory documentation process put in place by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), to monitor goods that are imported into the country as well as enable collection of import duties where applicable.

What is Form A in banking?

It is an application form designed by Central Bank of Nigeria to pay for service transactions (invisible trade) The form allows customers to purchase funds at the CBN or interbank rate to make payments for eligible services as predetermined by the Foreign exchange manual.

What is Paar Nigeria?

PAAR is an acronym for Pre-Arrival Assessment Report. To clear goods entering into Nigeria, an NCS approved and valid PAAR report is required. The single window does not allow individuals the right to process PAAR. Therefore, PAAR must be done by a commercial bank.

What documents are required to process a Soncap certificate?

Step 3 – SONCAP Certificate (SC)

  • Request for SC form duly completed.
  • Submission of a valid Product License.
  • Valid test reports.
  • Selective Shipment Inspection.
  • Receipt of satisfactory final documents.


What is form NXP?

The Form NXP is a mandatory statutory document to be completed by all exporters for shipment of goods outside Nigeria. Any customer willing to engage in export business is required to register with the Nigeria Export Promotion Council.

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What is single goods declaration?

The SGD is a Customs document, which shows unabridged details of imported or exported goods. In some countries, SGD has the name Customs Declaration Document. In Nigeria, SGD is to be got electronically by the importer, Customs Broker, or DTI cafe.

How can I verify my custom paper in Nigeria?

You can go to, find the Quick Search CET Tariff panel on the left and find the tariff that interests you. You can search the custom duty tariff database by CET code (if you know it) or by a keyword.

How do I get my son product certificate?

Step by step guide for SON certificate activation

  1. Access the SONCAP Online application.
  2. Click on the Apply to Activate Product Certificate button.
  3. Complete the form by inputting the Certificate Number, the Importer Name, the TIN Number and the Importer Phone Number.
  4. Click on the Submit button. …
  5. Go to the SON Certificate database on the Nigeria Single Window application.


What is form Q Nigeria?

The Central Bank introduced a Form Q which will be used by SME’s to access this special fX window. Form Q is for Small and Medium Enterprises and Retail Businesses. The Form Q can be obtained from authorized dealers such as commercial banks and any other financial institution approved to sell FX.

What is Form C30?

The NCS form C30 is a yearly renewable document. This position was corroborated by the Customs Area Controller of Apapa Area 1, Jibrin Musa, who stated, while speaking to some maritime journalists in his office recently, that the Customs Service only licenses companies as CEMA law provides and not individuals.

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Does Nigeria Export rubber?

Exports of commodity group 40 “Rubber and articles thereof” amounted to 0.08% of total exports from Nigeria (cumulative merchandise exports from Nigeria totalled $ 53 billion in 2019).

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