How can I praise my boyfriend in Yoruba?

How do you call your boyfriend in Yoruba?

  1. 21 Sweet Yoruba names to call Your Lover. December 1, 2019 Bei Weiwei 11 Comments. …
  2. Ọkàn mi. Meaning: My heart. …
  3. Ìfẹ́ mi. Meaning: My love. …
  4. Òrékelẹ́wà Meaning: Young and beautiful. …
  5. Àrídúnnú Meaning: To see something and get instantly happy. …
  6. Adùn ayé mi. Meaning: Sweetness in my life. …
  7. Ìtùnú mi. Meaning: My comforter. …
  8. Ìyàwó mi.

What does Ayanfe mean in Yoruba?

Ayanfe is a Yoruba name for babies meaning May the Lord be beloved.

What is the meaning of Onitemi in Yoruba language?

onitemi translates to “” in English. It is common with the yoruba tribe in Nigeria and primarily used by Males. Back To Jokes | Popular Jokes | Read Reviews | Submit a Joke.

What is OSHE in Yoruba?

| by NgEX. I dey o Re: What is the meaning of Oshe Reply by Felix on Sunday December 11, 2011 at 18:17:52: Oshe is a Yoruba work meaning Thanks or thank you.

What romantic name can I call my lover?

Affectionate Nicknames For Your Wife

  • Sweetie honey pie.
  • My dear.
  • Apple of my eye.
  • My one and only.
  • Nutter butter.
  • Darling.
  • Sweetheart.
  • Pumpkin.
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How can I praise my boyfriend?

Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

  1. You are so cute when you smile.
  2. I love it when you use your big, strong arms to pick me up.
  3. You know how to rock my world.
  4. Everything is better with you around.
  5. With you as my boyfriend, I couldn’t possibly ask for more.
  6. Giving you my heart is the best thing I ever could have done.


How are you Yoruba?

Bawo ni?: How are you? The Yoruba people say bawo ni? to ask about your wellbeing.

What is Ololufe?

English Translation. lover.

What is the meaning of Ayanfemi?

The meaning of Ayanfe mi is, “my chosen lover”.

That’s it!

What does Onitemi mean in English?

What is the meaning of Onítemi? The meaning of Onítemi is, “My own”. Yup. That’s it!

What does Orekelewa mean?

Orekelewa is a word popularly used in the Nigerian music industry but to Shepherd the word has a deeper meaning than usually thought. ‘Orekelewa isn’t a mere cliche neither is it just a melodious tune, its a celebration of the beautiful virtues of the African woman.

What is the meaning of olori?

Olori, otherwise appearing as Oloorì, is a title of honour within the chieftaincy system of the Yorubas of West Africa. It is typically translated from the Yoruba language as either queen consort or, more correctly, princess consort.

How do you say love in Nigerian?

“Mo ni fe re” is Yoruba for “I love you” and literally translates to “I have your love.” Yoruba language needs little introduction as it is one of the 4 official languages of Nigeria.

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What do you want in Yoruba?

what do you want? kin o nfe?

How hard is it to learn Yoruba?

Because Yoruba is a tonal language, it’s a bit more difficult to learn compared to some other languages. … The middle tone (re) is just basically normal tone used in English. The (Do) tone is a lower tone, and the (mi) is a higher tone. Yoruba also has its own alphabet.

Hai Afrika!