How do I become a Pepsi distributor in Nigeria?

Becoming a Pepsi distributor requires that you contact the company and inform them of your interests. You can visit one of the company’s bottling plants near you and request for information on the process of becoming one of their distributors.

How much does it cost to become a Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria?

It requires over a million naira to go into Coca-Cola distribution. This is because as Coca-Cola distributor, you will be liable to sell all Coca-Cola products despite your preferences.

How do I become a distributor in Nigeria?

How to Start a Distribution Business in Nigeria

  1. Step 1: Training. …
  2. Step 2: Decide your niche/area of specialization. …
  3. Step 3: Understand your target market/customer base. …
  4. Step 4: Create a business plan. …
  5. Step 5: Name registration. …
  6. Step 6: Get a warehouse and office space. …
  7. Step 7: Develop contacts with manufacturers.

How can I buy Pepsi wholesale?

Order product or supplies by calling 800-963-2424 or online at Click on “Login/Register” if you’re an existing PepsiCo Customer or click on “Become a New Customer” to talk with someone about becoming a new PepsiCo Partner!

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How do I sell my Pepsi products?

We’re thrilled you want to join the PepsiCo family! To learn more on how you can become a valued customer, please visit If you have any other questions, you can call 1-855-PEPSI-4U (1-855-737-7448) to speak with a representative.

Is Coca Cola business profitable in Nigeria?

To make profits when you become a coca-cola distributor in Nigeria, it all depends on your sale volume. If you, as a distributor, can sell 300 crates or 1500 crates of coke 50cl bottle for N1050 per crate in the space of three to four days daily, you would earn a massive profit of more than N60000.

How do I start a soft drink business in Nigeria?

Here are a few steps you should note when planning to start soft drink business in Nigeria:

  1. Find out how much is required for the start-up.
  2. Visit the soft drink depots in your locality to make inquiries.
  3. Get ready to start the business and start in a strategic location.
  4. Buy some crates of empty bottles of soft drinks.

What companies need distributors?

  • RANI SALT COMPANY. Products : Iodine Salt, Crystal Salt, Organic Salt, Mineral Salt, Brown. …
  • PRAHALAD METAL. Products :

How much does it cost to start a rice business in Nigeria?

It costs about 20,000NGN to register your rice business and be a certified retailer. The importance of registering with CAC is that it makes people trust your business. Wealthy customers can comfortably ask you to supply rice to their staff or family monthly.

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What are the products of Nestle Nigeria Plc?

Nestle Nigeria Plc is a publicly listed food and beverage specialty company headquartered in Lagos. It is majority owned by Nestle S.A. of Switzerland.

Nestle Nigeria.

Type Plc
Products Baby food, coffee, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, bottled water
Revenue N244 billion
Net income N33.7 billion (2017)

Can I buy direct from Pepsi?

(NASDAQ: PEP) today announced the launch of and, two direct-to-consumer websites where shoppers can order an assortment of PepsiCo’s trusted and loved food and beverage brands.

How do I get Pepsi to sponsor me?

You must submit an application at least one month before your event in order to be considered. Product is ordered by the case (24 bottles) and will be delivered to Warner Hall, the sponsoring organization will be responsible for pick-up. The maximum number of cases an organization may request is ten (10).

Is Coca-Cola owned by Pepsi?

A: The Coca-Cola Company (Coke) and Pepsico (Pepsi) are separate publicly traded companies. Coke trades under the stock symbol KO and Pepsi trades under PEP.

Financial Comparison.

Company Coca-Cola (KO) Pepsi (PEP)
Annual Total Revenue (2016) $41,863,000 $62,799,000,000
Net Income $6,527,000,000 $6,329,000,000

Does PepsiCo pay well?

Employees at PepsiCo earn different salaries depending on their region. Our data shows that PepsiCo employees in Sacramento, CA get paid the most, where the average yearly pay is $49,159. … The median salary in Seattle, WA is $49,061.

How is Pepsi doing financially?

Pepsi says revenue jumped 8.8%, sees 2021 results meeting long-term targets. PepsiCo topped Wall Street’s estimates for its fourth-quarter earnings and revenue. The company is anticipating mid-single-digit growth in organic revenue in 2021 and high-single-digit growth in core earnings per share.

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How much money does Pepsi spend on advertising?

2014-2019. In 2019, PepsiCo invested 1.73 billion U.S. dollars in advertising in the United States. That year, compared to 2018, the beverage manufacturer increased its ad spend in the country by roughly 240 million dollars.

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